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Scientists Discover How To Increase Children’s IQ - Smart Sugars Lesson #100
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Smart Sugars can help a mother increase her child’s IQ by 4 points

by JC Spencer

Evidence is in that Smart Sugars in human breast-fed babies improve the intelligence of the child for many years, perhaps for life.

I have reported on these university studies over the years; but, now several institutions in Massachusetts and Washington state provide us with actual IQ increase data.

Scientists and researchers in Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and Harvard School of Public Health assessed 1,312 mothers and children. Results showed that the longer mothers exclusively breast-fed their babies, the better those children did at age 3 on a vocabulary test, and at age 7 on an intelligence test.

Journal of the American Medical Assn. Pediatrics quotes the researchers, “Our results support a causal relationship of breast-feeding duration with receptive language and verbal and nonverbal intelligence later in life.”

The benefits of the Smart Sugars go beyond mental improvements. According to Dr. Dimitri Christakis of the Seattle Children’s Research Institute, breast-feeding also lessens problems with gastroenteritis and ear infections.

The cognitive effects of being breast-fed are lifelong, Christakis stated, “It is clear that a vicious cycle can be created wherein lack of breast-feeding begets lower IQ, which begets lower socioeconomic status and thereby decreases the probability of breast-feeding the next generation and so on.” Many women breast-feed their newborns, but only 35% continue after 6 months.

One of the researchers concluded, “Let’s allow our children’s cognitive function be the force that tilts the scale, and let’s get on with it.” With this statement, he was struggling with the frustration of children forever being not as smart as they could be if only they could receive plenty of mother’s milk for a longer period of time.

The Massachusetts researchers discovered that breast-feeding a baby for one year actually increases that child’s IQ by about four points.

Pioneers in the field of natural glycoscience have evidenced the continual benefit of supplementing Smart Sugars for newborns. We have recommended allowing the infant to suck on the tip of the parent’s clean finger after it is moistened and coated with these important plant saccharides.

Mannose seems to be one of the most, if not the most, influential member in the family of Smart Sugars. It is present in the glycan coating of the surface of human cells, even when some of the other sugars are missing. The more abundant the glycans, the healthier the cell. The healthier the cells, the healthier the human body.

The Endowment for Medical Research has had two peer-reviewed papers published evidencing improved brain function in adults using plant polysaccharides. We now have scientific evidence of improved brain function of all ages from infant to nearly a century old.

Glycoscience is science’s relative new term for the discipline of biology that gives life and intelligence to the human race.


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Smart Sugars Lesson #100

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