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Third Installment in Lowering Healthcare Costs
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Third Installment on cutting healthcare costs - Count Down to the National Access to The Plan

by J. C. Spencer

We are getting closer to unveiling the plan to lower healthcare costs.  In fact, some major pieces of the plan will be revealed in this article.  Within the next few weeks, I will take the lid off of the National Access Plan for lowering healthcare costs in America, in all fifty states.  Each piece of the plan now has government approval in all fifty states.

You ask, “Is there really an answer to the healthcare crisis?  One of our corporate partners in the plan recently conducted a survey of its customers.  The results of the survey were very interesting and surprising.  A vast majority of our partner’s customers believe, according to the survey, that national healthcare or national insurance for healthcare will handle their health [challenges].  I believe these customers are wrong.  The owner and CEO of this company (one of our partners) believes the vast majority of his own customers are wrong.

In his response to the survey, he and I agree completely.  In this article, I have blended his words and mine below.

Let us all understand: our healthcare (really sickness care) system is in crisis.  It is broken.  Quite simply, it does not work.  As a result, no one can afford to get sick whether he or she has insurance or not.

OUR HEALTHCARE SYSTEM DOES NOT WORK for a person to wait until he or she is sick, injured, or becomes seriously ill to address healthcare issues.

OUR HEALTHCARE SYSTEM DOES NOT WORK for us to do screenings which result in treatments using prescription drugs that deplete our bodies of essential and/or vital nutrients.  The difference in essential and vital in the mind of the FDA is that essential means that your body cannot manufacture that nutrient (as in vitamin C).  Vital in the rules of the FDA indicates that although you need that nutrient, your body can manufacture it naturally.  Normally, however, production of that nutrient in your body requires more time and energy than you have.  Your body just DOES NOT GET AROUND TO PRODUCING THE VITAL NUTRIENTS.

Most people have no idea that different drugs deplete our bodies of these nutrients that often causes a compounding of the health challenge.  To verify what I am saying, go to the search engine (Dogpile, Google or what ever) on your computer and type in three words: (1) name of drug in question; (2) side; (3) effects.  That will give you more information than you wanted to know.  Qualified sources, studies, and reports will allow you to arrive at your own understanding.

Missing nutrients may cause stroke, cancer, and depression.  One very simple example is food containing vitamin C.  Without this nutrient, you will get scurvy.  Every nutrient has a benefit and the depletion of that nutrient can be catastrophic.  Ask your doctor if he knows the nutrient or nutrients that are depleted because of the drug you are taking?  When you are on virtually any drug, THAT DRUG CAN SERIOUSLY COMPOUND THE NEED FOR NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTATION.

Depletion of vital nutrients with drugs is the reason those who are under sickness care are in even more need of supplementation.  Research now shows, and is supported by the AMA, that we need nutritional supplementation.

OUR HEALTHCARE SYSTEM DOES NOT WORK to have the very BEST group insurance in the world and have the rates go up to $20,000 a year for a family once the policy is used for a serious illness.  Many times, the policy is cancelled altogether.

OUR HEALTHCARE SYSTEM DOES NOT WORK if insurance does not pay to keep you healthy but pays hospitals to fill beds.

OUR HEALTHCARE SYSTEM DOES NOT WORK if insurance does not pay to keep you healthy but pays doctors to do surgeries.

OUR HEALTHCARE SYSTEM DOES NOT WORK if insurance does not pay to keep you healthy but pays higher and higher costs for dangerous toxic pharmaceutical drugs when they are not needed.  I am not saying they are never needed.  I am talking about their over use.

We all know that the answer to the healthcare crisis is to STAY WELL.

Insurance as it exists today IS NOT and WILL NOT be the primary solution to the healthcare crisis.

The SOLUTION to the healthcare crisis is for you to have access to NATIONAL HEALTHCARE that keeps you healthy and free from disease.  The solution is to extend the bio-markers of aging, keep a person well and productive for the benefit of family and society.  We should all agree that the longer a person can remain productive to society and family the better is that individual, the family, and society.

Hundreds of Billions of Dollars would be saved IF major health insurance companies paid for natural healthcare providers who have products designed to keep people healthy without drugs and surgery.

Do not wait on insurance companies to do this even if their claims would be reduced in excess of fifty percent.  They will not pay to keep you healthy because their profits are based on the ratio between what they pay out and the cost of insurance.  The higher the cost of insurance the more profits they make.  Insurance companies want high premiums and a larger and larger cash flow.

For us together to turn around the healthcare crisis will require each of us to take control of our own health and use health insurance only as catastrophic sickness and accident coverage.

You will be able to clearly see and understand the plan I am presenting.

There are eight components, which at first glance seems quite complex, but in reality the plan is simple.  It requires all eight components to achieve and work together to give the true meaning of NATIONAL HEALTHCARE that will save families hundred or thousands of dollars, companies thousands or tens of thousands of dollars and the nation literally billions of dollars WHILE THE PLAN IS DESIGNED TO INCREASE THE HEALTH OF THE INDIVIDUAL, FAMILY, AND NATION.

The eight components of the plan are not new but they are uniquely arranged to function properly.  About 100,000 individuals have participated in the least used component.  The key to the plan is linking the components in such a way they that function together to achieve the best benefit to the family or individual.

Let me give you an example of the importance of the arrangement of these eight components.  The arrangement is paramount.  In glycomics, the study of sugars, the way molecules are arranged give the sugars their function.  The healthful sugar trehalose gives us a graphic example.  Trehalose is very simply two glucose molecules.  So are some other sugars.  So, what makes trehalose so special?  It is the bond, the way the two glucose molecules are linked together.  One molecule is turned upside down.  I had one of the most sophisticated laboratories in the world use different highly technical means to analyze the trehalose molecule and I have written reports that trehalose is pure and nothing more than two glucose molecules.

My point is that the bonding of the eight components together in the plan to lower healthcare costs in America need to be bonded exactly right to achieve the desired functions and have the assurance they will remain bonded correctly.

One of the functions, one of the objectives, of the National Access Plan that I plan to introduce in my next installment is FOR YOUR NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS AS WELL AS ALL YOUR HEALTHCARE NEEDS TO BE DEDUCTIBLE FROM FEDERAL INCOME TAX.  If we achieved this one objective it would be outstanding.  But, stay tuned, you will be delighted at what you are about to learn and be able to implement very soon.

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