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Ways and Means of Lowering Healthcare Costs
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Ways and means of lowering healthcare costs is a central theme of The Endowment for Medical Research.

The T/C+ Pilot Survey started June 1, 2011 may serve as an important indicator for how we can lower healthcare costs one family at a time.  The answer to the healthcare crisis and rising costs IS TO STAY WELL.  We are asking you to tell your friends who may wish to participate in this six month project.

Participants do not need to have a major illness to participate.  However, if you do have a major illness, we will get that information when you fill out your General Evaluation Form to begin the Pilot Survey.  We are especially interested in Leukemia and other cancers, diabetes, heart problems, arthritis, brain function, and other health challenges.

Participants in this Study will simply use a shaker loaded with functional powder to sprinkle on their food. Recent research has shown benefits in leukemia, diabetes, arthritis, brain function, cardiovascular diseases, LDL cholesterol, and other health challenges using safe functional foods that have a wide range of health benefits. This may prove to be one of the more enjoyable Pilot Surveys because of the delightful aroma that has already passed tests for improved cognitive function simply from inhaling the flagrance.

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