Author Topic: We can fix healthcare with Personalized Health Savings Accounts  (Read 3733 times)

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We can fix healthcare with Personalized Health Savings Accounts
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Comments by J. C. Spencer

For quite some time I have said that HSAs (Health Saving Accounts) or HRAs (Health Reimbursement Accounts) CAN BE AN ANSWER TO THE HEALTHCARE SYSTEM.  The article here by Dr. Walther Meyer will help you understand how we can lower healthcare costs when individuals take control of their own health and health insurance and keep government more out of our healthcare system.

Our compliments to Dr. Meyer:

The present Health Savings Account is a one size fits all policy that epitomizes what is wrong with our healthcare system.  It is a Medicare system tool that extends and solidifies the control of government regulators and Big Pharma over our health care system.  Because of their distortion of true healthcare, getting control of our health care problems will continue to seem beyond repair, unless the present system is bypassed.

We do not have to change history, but it will be necessary to return the freedom of choice of healthcare to the individual.  Before most individuals can take personal control of their health, they will need to make personal choices about their nutrition and lifestyle.  To make these personalized choices, they will need to be empowered with good information and many will need to have subsidized primary health care.

We need to develop a Personalized Health Savings Account that would allow for the freedom for enlightened primary health care. This would be very doable politically.  All that would be necessary would be to pass a new law that would give individual choice between the present generic health savings account and a new Personalized Health Savings Account.

It would not be necessary to change anything that is currently used.  A Personalized Health Saving Account would not be restricted to just using drugs or medical treatments, but would have the freedom to use nutrition and lifestyle alternatives, alternative medical treatments, herbs, and nutritional supplements.  The new health care concepts being developed by Integrative Medicine would be an excellent model.

Because of the great need for personalized education in health care, Primary Care Coaches are expected to play an important part in primary health care of the future.  They will function to inform individuals about the new concept of integrative medicine, which is not limited to treatment of symptoms of illness with drugs.  Integrative medicine addresses the cause of symptoms, and focuses on individual wellness.

With this kind of preventative care, we could expect a significant decrease in medical expenses, because most of the causes of our chronic diseases are the result of poor nutrition, nutritional and environmental toxins, lack of physical exercise, and stress.  It has long been acknowledged that our health care epidemic will not get better until individuals begin to take personal responsibility for their health.

Personal health coaches are in a much better position to address this kind of primary health care challenge.  A typical medical office visit is much more expensive, because, besides the office visit, it almost always entails expensive laboratory and diagnostic services, plus (almost always) a prescription for drugs to treat symptoms rather than the cause of the symptoms.

Making Personal Health Savings Accounts universally available would solve the problem of universal health care by enabling everyone to enter the healthcare system through this new primary care model.  It would, 1. Be much less expensive than the typical insurance plan, 2. Help the individual to take personal responsibility for their health, and, 3. Finally rid us of the strangle hold that Big Pharma and government regulators have on our health care system.

Walther Meyer MD, CMD

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