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Rayburne Goen, MD, was one of our Favorite Doctors
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Rayburne Goen, MD, one of our favorite Medical Doctors went to his just reward early Wednesday morning (Feb 11, 2009) at the age of 94.  His daughter, Becky Stough, said he was very peaceful with all of his family around.  "He was very happy and ready".  This wonderful family Physician and friend will be missed by many.  His zest for life and enthusiasm for sharing the gifts of Glycomics is unforgettable.  Dr. Goen dedicated himself to spread the story of Glycomics to his fellow physicians.

Rayburne Goen, MD participated in the Glycomics Conferences sponsored by The Endowment for Medical Research.  Dr. Goen took early Retirement at age 81.  He has four children; two are MDs. Because of Glycomics, Dr. Goen became healthier in his 90s than at age 85 when he had 21 personal old-age disorders.  In four months on glyconutritional supplementation, he became symptom-free of 20 of his 21 ailments and he was able to discontinue all prescription and OTC drugs.  His experience and the experiences of his patients caused him to lecture across the United States and Canada about glycomics.

Dr. Goen received his M.D. degree from University of Colorado in 1939 and was a Family Physician for 60 years. He served as Lt. Col., Medical Corps, US Army, in WWII from 1941 to 1946.  He became a Diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine in 1947.  He was Clinical Associate Professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine, Tulsa.

The arrangement details are at the Boston Avenue Methodist Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Anyone wishing to send cards to the Family of Dr. Goen may send them to 26549 North3980 Way, Ochelata, Oklahoma 74051.
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