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Sugars and Other False Assumptions - There’s a pattern here - Lesson #32
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by JC Spencer

This lesson is going to deal with false assumptions in science, especially medical science, especially in sugars. These misconceptions may affect your life, block future discoveries, and inhibit finding cures.   New discoveries will replace today’s medicines while tomorrow’s science will disprove many of today’s theories.

Science is open-ended with endless possibilities unless the pipeline is plugged with politics, money, religion, or ignorance.  It may be a combination of all of them.  I call these plugs to progress, “biases, bribes, and brains”.  Sometimes anti-motivating factors seal (conceal) truth because of economic fallout.  In medicine, a cure means that a whole river of money may dry up.

Today, wrong names and terms from past discoveries, perpetuate these errors.  Understanding the original meaning of a word or phrase advances our education.  False assumptions have steered scientists off course.

Words used in today’s disciplines reveal and explain some of these false assumptions from previous observations.  Since this is a Glycomics lesson, let’s start with the word CARBOHYDRATE.  We live in a carbon world but the false assumption was that scientists thought sugars were HYDRATED CARBON.  Reality is that carbohydrates have little to do with water.  No big damage here.  It’s just a name, right?

An untruth repeated often enough is accepted as truth.  There is one thing wrong with this protocol.  It is not true.  A little white lie is still a snow job and will corrupt the whole system when it melts under the heat of light.

Until recent history, sugars were thought to only be for energy.  Now, we know specific sugars, which I call Royal Sugars, are the building blocks for the Operating System (OS) of the cell including the brain, even used for constructing the DNA.

The pH Factor:
The pH scale measures how acidic or alkaline is a substance.  Keep the system slightly alkaline and cancer cannot survive.  We have discussed the importance of pH in my books and articles.  The term “pH” stands for potential of hydrogen and was originally coined by Søren Peder Lauritz.  He thought pH was a measurement of the concentration of hydrogen ions in a liquid.  Later, Sørensen discovered it was actually a function of the "activity" of hydrogen ions.

In the area of vitamins, false assumptions prevail to this day and are accepted as fact.  Some vitamins are not vitamins at all.  But, because these substances were “discovered” as vitamins, they are thought to be vitamins and everyone calls them “vitamins”.  The D complexes are actually hormones.  Balance your hormones and you will have a healthier body.  Some lids remain on truth because it would be difficult to retrain the populous.

Glycomics will forever change healthcare.  The medical system has become specialized and expensive because of treating symptoms instead of causes.  The important has become the urgent.  When we take care of the important, we may avoid the urgent.  Royal sugars will help achieve that objective while lowering the cost of healthcare.  The misconception of Glycomics by many is that the sugars must be synthesized into drugs because the human body cannot use them when taken orally.  Many studies prove that oral consumption of Royal Sugars have profound benefits for improving the health of the human body.

The healthcare crisis and hyper inflated expensive treatments are a culmination of disaster in believing drugs can treat any and every thing.  The struggle is literally between drugs and nutrition, synthetic and natural.  Or, if I wanted to be melodramatic, I would say between God and man.  Drugs construct the tower of illusion that you can reach heaven.

You remember the three phases of Truth?  Truth is initially denied, then vehemently attack, and eventually accepted as self-evident.  Each of us must decide where we stand on the truth that has been given to us.

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