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Educating Healthcare Professionals
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Comments by J. C. Spencer
Physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and a broad range of healthcare professionals have completed our Continuing Medical Education training in glycomics.  Doctors from an impressive number of countries in addition to professionals from Canada and throughout the United States have participated.  It is the objective of The Endowment for Medical Research to educated the professional and general public in the science of glycomics.  While the CME and CEU credits have expired, the same fourteen hour DVD Glycomics Series is still available at a $100 discount in our store front at  The science of glycomics is growing at such a rapid rate that there are now 463,471 references posted on the National Library of Medicine website at for glycoprotein.

Today an online pharmacy posted an outstanding article on the boosting of your immune system with glycomics.

Here is their article:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Glyconutrients - Boosting your Immune System

Our immune system is responsible for keeping all dangerous and threatening agents out of our body. Thanks to this system, we can fight against many diseases, preventing some of them from taking over essential parts of our body and compromising our health.

Glyconutrients are a major step towards a complete "tune up" of our immune system; they are capable of improving intercellular communication, allowing a correct information interchange between cells such as lymphocytes, which are our immune system's "little soldiers", in the sense that they fight and try to kill any possible threatening external agent, like bacteria or viruses. However, although glyconutrients are vital for this, you must also take other actions to improve your resistance to infections and other diseases.

A twelve year longitudinal study was just complete on glyconutrients. There were over 120,000 patients in the study. No other nutritional product, to date, has been studied as much as glyconutrients. Research on glyconutrients can be obtained from the Fisher Institute for Medical Research, the American Nutraceutical Association, the Endowment for Medical Research, and even the National Institute of Health's website. Many of journals also publish research on glyconutrients on a less regular basis.

A good thing to keep in mind is to follow an adequate diet, which suits both your energetic requirements and your lifestyle. For instance, a diet that is perfect for an athlete will not be right for a more sedentary person. As a general rule, eating more fruits and vegetables and less sugar and fat will help. Always keep in mind that the key is to avoid dieting without professional advice. Asking a pro may be the difference between health and disease.

Another great thing to do is to play a sport or start some kind of physical activity. Taking a thirty minutes walk every morning, or even walking to your place of work instead of taking the bus or a cab can do wonders for your overall health status. Besides, it can be fun!

Again, seek advice from a professional to help you decide which physical activities may be right for you. He can help you plan your every day's exercises and keep track of your progress.

Here is another good advice: don't forget to drink your water. A minimum of eight glasses of water a day will help your body in getting rid of several toxins and other harmful agents, and will keep most tissues (for instance, your skin) elastic and in perfect shape. Try to get distilled water whenever possible, but if you only have mineral water at hand that's also ok.

Finally, always be aware that improving your health is not a two or three day's process; it may take some weeks until you begin to notice any improvements. But if you stick to your diet, drink your water, do your exercises on an everyday basis, and also take your glyconutrients, you will find that, when it comes to enhancing your body's performance and wellness, the rewards are really worth the wait. Remember these useful tips and you will be walking the path to a better health before you even know it.

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