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Smart Sugars Lesson #57

by JC Spencer

Breakthrough research indicates 200 sugar compounds provide building blocks for brain development that may fight cancer, HIV, and the worst of diseases without drugs.

Evidence is in that these Smart Sugars provide infants with nature’s super food containing the building blocks for brain development, brain function, and the intellect for later years.  Studies show that college students who received mother’s breast milk at birth make better grades than those fed formula or non-human milk.  Millions of babies receive formula which is a growing business, reaching $3.5 billion in the US alone.

Researchers at the University of California Davis in Sacramento testify that: “ONCE WE ISOLATE THE ACTIVE INGREDIENTS OF HUMAN MILK, THEY MIGHT HELP FIGHT EVERYTHING FROM CANCER TO HIV.”

For two decades, we have taught that the future of healthcare is based on a few sugars working together to form many functional compounds.  Research on 8 sugars was first published in Harper’s Biochemistry Handbook (mid-90s).  My good friend, Robert K. Murray, MD, PhD, professor emeritus of biochemistry at the University of Toronto wrote that course.

Neunatologist Mark Underwood at University of California Davis, is focused more on the power of mother’s milk than drugs.  Food chemist, Bruce German, also at UC Davis, believes that human milk’s most important role may be preventing infant diseases and modulating the immune system by balancing the microbes throughout the infant’s body.

An unborn child is void of microbes.  The colonization of microbes begins the moment of birth.  Infections come fast and furious to the new born, especially to the preemies; and, according to Underwood, mother’s milk gives the infant a fighting possibility twice that of those fed human milk replacement.

The Smart Sugars establish and orchestrate a military-like communication and battle strategy that sends the signals to seek out and destroy all pathogens.

Researchers have already discovered 150 different oligosaccharides.  And, they expect to find another 50 design combinations with 3 to 20 sugars per compound.  Function of these Smart Sugars is explicit, the signals must be clear, to choose between harmful bacteria and bacteria necessary for digestion.

Glycomics, the science of sugars, welcomes development of new technologies for researchers to count glycoprotein receptor sites on the cell surface and to separate the some-200 sugar compounds to be analyzed individually.  Another technology using the super-conducting magnet cyclotron blasts the sugar compounds apart so that with pains-taking accuracy researchers can measure the fragment of sugars and trace minerals used in these structures.

Trace minerals found in sugar structures is an unfolding mystery of Glycomics and life itself.  I have written an introduction to the function of these trace minerals in Trehalose Handbook Vol. 1 and Trehalose Handbook Vol. 2.

Source: Expand Your Mind - Improve Your Brain
Change Your Sugar, Change Your Life
“The Power of [human] Milk” by Florence Williams Discover 6/2012
Smart Sugars Lesson #57
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