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Radiations From Needless Medical Tests Are Causing Cancer - Lesson #56
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by JC Spencer

Cancer does not just happen!  Cause and effect produces a blurry picture but it is coming into focus.  Needless high radiation medical testing is harming patients.  Toxic testing is on the rise and with it, the rise in cancer risk, so says expert, Dr. Eric Topol,  chief academic officer of the Scripps Health system.

Dr. Topol says that the field of cardiology leads the offender list with 45 unnecessary tests and procedures that could harm patients.  The American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation released the information compiled by nine professional organizations.

The largest cancer causing culprits are X-rays, imaging, and CAT scans.  Again, as with drugs and many harmful health factors, the US is #1 in the world for using these tests.

Author of a new book, “The Creative Destruction of Medicine,” Dr, Topol discusses how medical test radiation harms the patients.

More bad news is that current toxic testing systems will probably continue to be used for a few more decades.  But, there is hope ahead on two fronts.

Hidden in the maze of medical destruction and confusion are answers stranger than fiction that will give birth to tomorrow’s healthcare. Better diagnostic systems are coming on stream that are harmless.

It is now an accepted medical fact that measuring the sugars on the surface of cells has become the most FDA-approved cancer biomarker.  The counting of the glycoprotein receptor sites on the surface of cells (like fuzz on a peach) can literally forecast the patient’s health risk.  The diagnostic question is, “Is the cell half bald or half covered?  Like the proverbial question: “Is the glass half full or half empty?”.  Stop asking that question and just fill the glass.  Smart sugars are designed by nature to grow fuzz on the peach.  That is, they are designed to put more glycoprotein receptor sites back on the cells.  They are the building blocks for all cellular communication.

Smart sugars are the KEYS to the future of medicine and healthcare.  For two decades, I have witnessed how smart sugars benefit the human body and improve the mind.  Some smart sugars modulate the immune system.

There is more new hope.  Until non-evasive non-radiation diagnostics are widely used, there just might be a way to help protect the cells from today’s current high radiation.  We don’t know for sure if radiation on the human body can be blocked by sugars or not.  Obviously, a lot of research needs to be done.

The idea that any sugar can possibly protect cells from radiation of any kind was recently discovered by researchers at the Université de Lausanne in Switzerland.  The scientists were surprised to learn that cells were protected from electron beam microscopy damage when those cells were coated with the sugar trehalose.

Yes, MIT was right, Glycomics, the science of sugars, will indeed CHANGE THE WAY WE LIVE.

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Smart Sugars Lesson #56
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