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Trehalose Used in Enzyme Research
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Extraordinary Stability of Enzymes Dried in Trehalose:

Simplified Molecular Biology
Camilo Cola�o1, Shevanti Sen1, Madan Thangavelu1, Stephen Pinder1 & Bruce Roser1
1Quadrant Research Foundation, Maris Lane, Trumpington, Cambridge, CB2 2SY, England.

We show that extremely fragile biomolecules such as DNA restriction and modifying enzymes can be dried in vitro in the presence of trehalose with no loss of activity, even after prolonged storage. A remarkable and unexpected property of the dried enzyme preparations is their ability to withstand prolonged exposure to temperatures as high as +70�C. This stability is unique to trehalose and is not found with other sugars irrespective of their physical or chemical properties. The immediate significance of these observations is the ability to convert enzymes used in molecular biology into stable reagents. The indefinite stability and high temperature tolerance of these dried enzymes should permit the design of convenient formats that may be of particular significance in the automation of genome mapping and sequencing projects. The stabilization of a wide range of biomolecules by trehalose also has practical implications for a number of areas ranging from basic science, through healthcare and agriculture, to bio?electronics.
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