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A glance at Quantum Glycomics and TIME
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Our Biological Clocks Operate on Smart Sugars

by JC Spencer

Trillions of clocks are ticking in your cells to control quantum processes that determine your future.  Your brain and every cell in your body operate constantly on synchronized and random biorhythms.

When TIME is right, it takes but a moment to construct dozens of mitochondria power plants, build and transcribe a two to three foot (2 feet to 3 feet) long strand of DNA, and assemble all the ready made parts for another cell.  Certain cells duplicate into eight new cells in less than an hour 1 x 2 = 2; 2 x 2 = 4; 4 x 2 = 8.

We know that TIME is the measurement of events both great and small.  But, what is TIME?  When my son was five, I recall his asking me, “Daddy, where does TIME go?”

My intuitive response was, “Son, it depends entirely where you send it!”  Then I pondered my answer and determined it was good.  Every cause and effect is etched in TIME.  We waste TIME, spend TIME, kill TIME, or invest TIME.

When fetal development is halted, even for a moment, that TIME lapse may alter the baby’s life for all TIME to come. Toxins in fetal cells, like gravel in the cogwheel of a clock, can deliver a spina bifida child, the most common disabling birth defect.

Cells duplicate by the trillions with precision of an atomic clock. The OS (operating system) for all this activity is made with Smart Sugars within and on the surface of your cells in the form of glycolipids and glycoproteins.

TIME is still a mystery to the greatest of scientists.  But, that does not keep us from inquiring into the mind of God nor babbling utter nonsense.

Unsatisfied with every definition of TIME written by experts and pseudo scientists, I coined my own definition: TIME is the duration of erosion.*  Then I added, “TIME appears to be the bubble in which degradation and all evil are contained.”

The nature of TIME includes order, flow, duration, and simultaneity to mention a few features.  Newton, Einstein, Prigogine, Boltzmann, Hawking and others recognized TIME as central to all science but disagreed on what it was, is, or will be.  The infinitesimal NOW has left the past and has not yet reached the future.  Newton postulated the law of universal gravitation is at work to hold in place all orbiting pieces that make up tightly wound clocks.  Einstein taught that it was all relative.  Grasping at TIME, man has subdivided the nanosecond and punctuated it with the oscillation frequencies of the more stable cesium atoms. 

TIME depends on our point of reference to where we and TIME are at the moment.  TIME gives us intangible chronology from the tangible present.  When we experience TIME where we are, it is minute and swift.  When TIME is experienced across the solar system, it is slower, distorted by gravity and electromagnetic fields.  When the reference for TIME is the universe, it is even slower, yet temporal and elusive, raising questions of the continuum and canonical quantum gravity theories.  When the reference point is the Creator, time is no more†.

A new conceptionalization of TIME is emerging and this idea is as revolutionary as quantum physics or theories of relativity were a thousand years ago.  Quantum potential expands the probabilities to infinite possibilities.  The future is open to a timeless reality.

Ancient Scripture instructs us to “redeem the TIME”.  Perhaps one method in which we can redeem the TIME for ourselves is to make sure the inner workings of our cellular clocks receive the proper nutrition and building blocks so our OS can make sure the next transcription of DNA is flawless.

Expand Your Mind - Improve Your Brain
A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking
A Matter of TIME Scientific American Special Edition - March 2012
* based on the Four Laws of Thermodynamics.  †Ephesians 5:15-16.
This Lesson is also Smart Sugars Lesson # 49
and may be found at
© The Endowment for Medical Research, Inc
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