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Former Texas Governor Mark White and Radio Preacher Lester Roloff

“Radio preacher Lester Roloff just died in a plane crash.” The news still rings in my ears from that morning of November 2, 1982. He died moments before Mark White became Governor of Texas.

Wednesday August 9, 2017 -
A memorial service for former Texas democratic Governor Mark White will be held at Houston Second Baptist Church. President George W. Bush will be among high-profile speakers. Former Gov. Mark White died Saturday. Bush and Luci Baines Johnson, daughter of former President Lyndon B. Johnson, will speak at Wednesday's service, which will be open to the public. Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas Rangers will escort his body to Austin. White will lie in state from noon to 3 p.m. on Thursday in the Capitol Rotunda in Austin and later Thursday will be buried in the Texas State Cemetery. White, who served as governor from 1983 to 1987, died in his Houston home this weekend at age 77.

Lester Roloff operated the Rebekah Home for Girls and other ministries caring for hundreds of trouble young people. He had significant impact on many lives. Brother Roloff, as he was affectionately called by his listeners, was killed in a small plane crash on the morning of November 2, 1982. He had fought an eight-year battle with the State of Texas over his management of homes for troubled teenagers. He gained national attention in 1979 when there was a clash between state officials who tried to shut the home amid reports of overly harsh discipline. His homes ministered to many hundreds of boys, girls, and adults addicted to drugs and alcohol. His work was legendary.

Lester Roloff was also a power in Texas politics where he was instrumental in helping William Clements win an 18,000-vote margin in the Governor's race in 1978. In 1982 Mark White was campaigning against his friend, incumbent Governor Bill Clements.

The homes, financed by donations, formed the basis of Roloff Enterprises, which were exempt from taxes as religious work. The Roloff's troubles with the Texas authorities began in 1973 over three homes housing 180 girls and 100 boys. It was charged that teenagers were fed inadequately and punished with denial of meals, lashings and solitary confinement. Roloff consistently denied most of the charges, conceded that girls had been paddled and whipped for misbehavior. He asserted that such discipline was meant to correct and help save them.

Texas State Attorney General, Mark White and Lester Roloff clashed over state rights and religious freedom. Roloff strongly insisted that Mark White violated religious freedom.

After years of wrangling, Roloff lost his final appeal to the Supreme Court in 1978 and, in June 1979, state officials, armed with court orders and backed by troopers, moved in to close the Rebekah Home. A human barrier of thousands of supporters, led by ministers from around the country, formed a barrier around the church, with 200 children inside. Governor Clements ordered officials to avoid physical violence, and after a week the issue was resolved. Brother Roloff temporarily closed the three homes. Legal arrangements were made with the State that caused a state court to rule in 1981 that they could operate without a license.

Lester Roloff had been flying planes for 25 years. The plane disappeared from the radar screen shortly after 10 A.M. 110 miles north of Houston with no indication of trouble. Roloff, had helped many find forgiveness and deliverance but was unable to forgive Attorney General Mark White for shutting down the addition homes that had helped so many. In the campaign speech in support of Governor Clements for reelection, Roloff uttered the words, “I will die before Mark White becomes governor of the State of Texas.” I recall that he then repeated, “I will die before Mark White becomes Governor.”

Elections in Texas are in November the first Tuesday after the first Monday. In 1982 that was November 2nd. Lester Roloff died only a few hours before Mark White was declared Governor of the State of Texas.

The author can be reached at [email protected]
Patricia Ann Champion - February 11, 1945  - March 31, 2016

First Participant in the GlycoScience Institute Memorial Scholarship Fund

Patricia was an extraordinarily committed Christian lady, wife, mother and grandmother. Her husband, HL Champion, exclaimed that they were HAPPILY married for 50 years, 7 months, and 4 days. She invested many years in the field of medical coding and served as Past-President of Professional Coders of Nashville, Tennessee.

Patricia was an Executive Assistant to her husband at The Endowment for Medical Research in Houston and had begun preparing the Medical Evaluation Forms returned from our Pilot Surveys for an Investigative Review Board (IRB) in the areas of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Diabetes, Cancer and other health challenges. During the process, just prior to her fatal heart attack, she remarked, “I cannot believe people are receiving such health improvements in our Pilot Surveys.”

She was a valuable member of the Team to start the GlycoScience Institute and believed strongly in the mission to educate the world about Glycoscience.

Her experience exceeded simple observation. She suffered from Auto Immune Disease since childhood. Her first heart attack was forty years ago. She and her husband applied the technology of Glycoscience which extended her quality of life for thirteen years.

Every brain is eligible for improvement and this may be that for which you are looking.

by JC Spencer

Studies indicate that by age 65, one in eight of US will have severe cognitive decline. By age 80, one in two are affected with serious cognitive loss.

Scientist have been unable to build drugs to solve cognitive problems. Our desire for instant gratification has resulted in compounded harm. The elusive pharmaceutical cure is oblivious to prevention.

When we ignore the important, the urgent takes over. Drug companies know where the money is, so they focus on urgent treatment and seldom on the long time important cure.

We have well documented that cognitive decline is contributed to the mis-folding of proteins. When the abnormal protein structures are malformed in the brain their ordinary functions fail which results in memory loss and the inability to connect to stored data.

I have documented many cases of brain improvements over the last two decades that resulted in improved mental and motor skills in a wide-range of neurological challenges. Glycomics, the study of sugars, will continue to allow us to safely pioneer this relatively new discipline of biology.

There are beneficial functional sugars that should be eaten every day. Then there are functional herbs that appear to have great health benefits but should be eaten on a limited basis. One of the best-selling herbal products for the immune system, echinacea, is used to fight viral infections. Many consider it superior to antibiotics or any pharmaceutical  medication. However,   prolonged or overuse of echinacea may result in serious side effects.

Another herb, turmeric, contains the powerful antioxidant, curcumin. Curcumin is proven to be a substantial functional brain food. Turmeric is the bright yellow culinary spice found in the curry of India. With the highest per capita consumption of turmeric, India is reported to have the lowest cognitive decline compared to other countries.

Curcumin is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory agent, superior to pharmaceuticals. However, as with most herbs, prolonged use can be dangerous to some people. Bleeding of the brain has been reported with too much curcumin.

Curcumin causes a powerful immune response in an attempt to resolve the mis-folding of the proteins. Researchers have learned that taking curcumin helps dissolve abnormal proteins. Indeed, the beta-amyloid plaques appear to be broken down by the curcumin. Another study which I have written about shows that a cell phone next to your head can also help dissolve the plaques; but, that is not advisable. An ounce of prevention is still better than a pound of cure.

Scientists have discovered that the sugar Trehalose actually aids in the proper folding of the proteins.

Source and References:
Neurology. 1998; 51(4)

Protein folding:   Introducing SMART SUGARS

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Change Your Sugar, Change Your Life
Glycoscience Lesson #5

© The Endowment for Medical Research, Inc.
Blending of old world experience and ultrahigh technology

by JC Spencer

The eye is offended; the tongue disappointed; and the nose is unable to contemplate the fragrant fruits of our malnourished green harvest. Absent needed phytochemicals, shortcuts produce greater yield per acre at the cost of poor health and rampant diseases.

Genomics and Glycomics provide the tools for tomorrow’s plant production that will enable us to correct, improve, and return to the natural vegetation of the Garden of Eden where the words “chemical fertilizer” were never uttered.

We can again grow plants full of aroma and flavor, tasty and healthy, by breeding into them more complex sugars, polysaccharides (long chain sugars), instead of simple high glycemic sugars. Plant function can be improved free from GMO through molecular structure and phytochemical enhancement.

A researcher can snip off leaves from a plant, crush, and liquefy them to determine DNA. The DNA analysis identifies the genetic mutation that will help us understand why flavors have changed.  Enhancing plants to be more flavorful can be accomplished through breeding and specific mineral absorption into the young plant. Once the DNA of the new and improved plant has been established, a follow-up DNA sample taken from a young plant leaf will indicate whether it will later produce a more tasty fruit or vegetable.

The new generation of plant breeders will combine traditional and hydroponic farming with genetic analysis to create more flavorful, colorful, shapely and nutritious fruits and vegetables, i.e., better plants, completely free from GMO contamination.

A few of tomorrow’s plant breeders will be masters at determining distinctive traits, mate the best with the best, and then organically feed the delicate new plant with specific nutrients for peak performance. Producing the unique balance of phytochemicals and complex sugars will magnify the innate succulent flavors.

Public opinion against GMO was fostered by irresponsible seed engineering to develop weed-killers and insecticides within the plants.

Around the sixth grade and during my teenage years, I successfully kept the bugs off the plants in my half acre garden by placing a small amount of the sulphur mineral near the root systems of every other row. I experimented first with potatoes and tested the mineral’s ability to cause plants to resist insects. My observation and documentation (and that of others) confirmed that every other row was insect free. This project was a complete success in accomplishing bug free plants.

My plan is to introduce Glycoscience into biology at the very root of agriculture and interface with interested researchers in universities worldwide. This open source technology can restore the lush vegetation as found in the very first garden.

Source and References:
Introducing SMART SUGARS

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Glycoscience Lesson #4

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New Board / Early Diagnoses of Cognitive Problems - Glycoscience #3
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Memory loss and ability for instant recall is a growing challenge for many.

by JC Spencer

A cognitive study in Stockholm was published January 29, 2014 in The Journal of Neuroscience. Henrik Ullman, a PhD student at Karolinska Institute says that this was the first study using MRI scans to predict future working memory capacity. The results were surprising in that the storage areas and the working areas may be more overlapped than previously thought. From this study may come a more predictable understanding of how an individual’s brain will function a few years down the road.

The two principle functions of the brain are:
1)  Store and retrieve information/knowledge.
2)  Working memory, i.e., the ability to process
     ongoing information and link it to related
     stored data to make proper determinations.

Scientists are gaining momentum in diagnostics that will detect diseases or health challenges a few years before “they” happen.

Mountains of diagnostic data is important only if we know what to do with it. We are lagging behind in knowing what to do with all the data. Waiting for a cure in ten or twenty years is not acceptable.

Harmful drugs can erase memory quickly and prescription drugs can erase fragments of memory day by day. Pieces of the past are evaporating from the minds of people of all ages; as is instant recall from only a few seconds ago.

More and more people are asking themselves where has the ability gone that allowed them to quickly recall what just happened. Some now find it difficult to recognize close friends they have known for years. Fear replaces the memory gaps. To escape from anxiety and depression, they turn to overeating, smoking, drinking, and doing more drugs.

We can improve brain function today and perhaps delay the onset of mental fatigue or shutdown of the master control center for mental and motor skills. Here are three aspects that can overcome mental fatigue or impairment that has improved brain function in many cases:

1)  Cut off the supply line that is feeding brain
2)  Consume quality brain food;
3)  Exercise body and mind for better circulation
     and performance.

We can perform mental exercises every day to keep the brain more active. We can work with self academic evaluation by conducting cognitive tests. Read, play with numbers, do puzzles, solve problems. To become more active is a powerful indication you have the will to improve.

Brain Improvement Pilot Survey
Glycoscience is the study of sugars and we, as of this writing, are still accepting individuals into Pilot Surveys concerning mental and motor skills. With further documentation and published papers, we are confirming that indeed brain function can improve through Glycoscience.

Source and References:
Introducing SMART SUGARS

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Glycoscience Lesson #3

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And, our children still guzzle soft drinks which may be worse than...

by JC Spencer

The largest human study on the harmful effects of sugar consumption ever conducted has concluded that too much sugar can be deadly. Survey data was gathered from more than 30,000 US citizens between 1988 and 2010.

Researchers had death data on nearly 12,000 adults including 831 who died of heart disease during a fifteen-year follow-up. They took into consideration other factors that are known contributors to heart failure like smoking, excessive weight, inactivity and they were still convinced that sugar was a major risk factor to heart failure.

Natural occurring sugars found in fruits and other foods were not counted in the study. For the paper, researchers focused only on sugars added to processed foods or drinks, or sprinkled in coffee or cereal. Even foods that don't taste sweet have added sugar, including many breads, tomato sauce and salad dressing. Sugar, HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) and MSG are three ingredients added to foods in an attempt to make them taste better.

We consume tons of sugar hidden in the empty calories of processed foods and drinks. With every soft drink swig, the sugar calories stack-up. A few spoons full of sugar here and few there are beyond a safe level. The study may not completely prove that sugar can cause a heart attack; however, it adds to growing data that indicates limiting your sugar intake can lead to a healthier and longer life.

In this new study, the heart issue was linked to normal-weight people who ate lots of added sugar. Other studies have linked sugar to increased risks to obesity and non-fatal heart problems which can also eventually lead to heart trouble.

The flavors of fruits and vegetables have diminished over the last fifty years. With the lack of flavor, nutrition also disappeared, nutrition that contained natural phytochemicals and complex sugars. When these nutrients are missing, your immune system and hormonal system are compromised, period.

A pinch of the natural occurring beneficial sugar, Trehalose, sprinkled on any food has the remarkable ability to enhance flavor and make food more healthful.

Researchers have concluded that chronic stress causes heart disease and cancer, the #1 and #2 killers. A recent study in Israel on antidepressant possibilities gives us hope that the sugar Trehalose has health benefits that may relieve more stress than originally thought. Research also confirms that Trehalose strengthens cell membrane.

Glycoscience, the study of sugars is a rapidly expanding area of biology that will escalate our understanding of beneficial sugars that will change the way we live.

Trehalose is one smart sugar that has passed the test to greatly benefit human health. Our focus and mission is on new Glycoscience discoveries and education of those discoveries.

Source and References:   Introducing SMART SUGARS

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Glycoscience Lesson #2

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Together they orchestrate improvement of attitude and healing.

by JC Spencer

Neurological conditions, like Parkinson’s, can cause essential tremors and an imbalance that may dissipate with music. As the music plays, some experience improvement of balance and their inability to walk turns to dance. Alzheimer’s, stroke, brain injury, anxiety, and depression have all been helped by music. ADHD, anger, stress, autism, and virtually every health challenge can benefit from good music.

Great music and good sugars resonate with your brain to communicate and manifest expressions of tapping your foot or taking leaps of joy in graceful dance. It is up to each of us to conduct the timing for soft gentle music to sooth the soul and to plan the exciting crescendos that make life more enjoyable.

There is music and there is racket that some call music. Your brain knows the difference between dissonance and harmony. The mood created by the rhythm and beat can delight beyond words. Euphonic sounds from a master can move you to tears of joy. Music can change the activity of the brain to set the stage for improved quality of life.

Music motivates cooperative activity and creativity. This is orchestrated predominately in the right brain that flows over into the left lobe and on into your total being as motor skills and mental skills are impacted. Daniel J. Levitin, in his book This Is Your Brain On Music says that music involves practically every part of the brain. And, I say, “Yes, music involves every cell of your body.” Every strand of DNA responds to your attitude influenced by music as each DNA strand becomes more relaxed or more tightly coiled.

Ambidextrous responses can be the results of music that help guide motor skills of right-handed and left-handed people. This expanding neuroplasticity characteristic brought by music can become therapy for neurological benefits. Exercising the brain’s ability to change and develop actually increases the size of the auditory and motor cortex.

The character of great music is that of expectation. You anticipate the next note. You become expectant for the next moment. Bond this characteristic of great music to expectation for healing, expectation for the next moment to be better, and you have the formula for an improved environment today and more victories tomorrow. Music stimulates activity throughout the whole body and soul. Music not only helps regenerate the brain; it improves the mind.

I have a fascination to understand why different types of music affects different areas of the brain. Perhaps five pitches per octave in the minor scale (pentatonic) activates the left lobe while seven notes per octave in the major scale (heptatonic) play more to the right brain. Japanese have programmed their left lobe to process music; yet, the same music is processed by the right brain by Westerners according to Passion Jun, MD.

Add a little Smart Sugar to the music
Music is the universal language for bonding and nurturing that can alleviate fear and bring calm affection. An unborn child receives benefit or harm from the sounds heard long before birth. Bonding and nurturing throughout life (age plus nine months) can be enhanced by good music. Nature’s plan for a newborn baby is to have the best environment possible and that includes a supply of Smart Sugars found in mother’s breast milk.

Harvard University recently published a paper showing that a child can have a 4 point higher IQ when the baby’s lactation period is twelve-months instead of the normal six months.

Glycoscience and great music go hand-in-hand to improve quality of health from conception throughout life. Suggestion: Increase the volume of quality music and add at least One Smart Sugar to your food.
Source and References:

Harvard Study:
Introducing SMART SUGARS

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Glycoscience Lesson #1

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Some of my friends have mistakenly reported that I TRIPPED over the light beam.
I leaped over a light beam and injured myself. Never in my life have I broken a bone before. Thank goodness no video camera captured the moment or it would have gone viral on the internet. Many times before, I have leaped over the light beam that triggers the garage door to stop when something is in its path. Full of energy and in the excitement of the moment, I jumped a little too high; the garage door struck my head, knocking me to the concrete. A three-point landing broke my left (dominate) hand, made black and blue a toe on my right foot, and broke a case in my shirt pocket. X-rays verified no broken rib but pain did not confirm the finding. Someone said, “I bet you never jump over a light beam again.” My response was, “To the contrary, long before the pains subsided, I began a daily practice of improving my jumping over the light beam.”
Smart Sugars can help a mother increase her child’s IQ by 4 points

by JC Spencer

Evidence is in that Smart Sugars in human breast-fed babies improve the intelligence of the child for many years, perhaps for life.

I have reported on these university studies over the years; but, now several institutions in Massachusetts and Washington state provide us with actual IQ increase data.

Scientists and researchers in Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and Harvard School of Public Health assessed 1,312 mothers and children. Results showed that the longer mothers exclusively breast-fed their babies, the better those children did at age 3 on a vocabulary test, and at age 7 on an intelligence test.

Journal of the American Medical Assn. Pediatrics quotes the researchers, “Our results support a causal relationship of breast-feeding duration with receptive language and verbal and nonverbal intelligence later in life.”

The benefits of the Smart Sugars go beyond mental improvements. According to Dr. Dimitri Christakis of the Seattle Children’s Research Institute, breast-feeding also lessens problems with gastroenteritis and ear infections.

The cognitive effects of being breast-fed are lifelong, Christakis stated, “It is clear that a vicious cycle can be created wherein lack of breast-feeding begets lower IQ, which begets lower socioeconomic status and thereby decreases the probability of breast-feeding the next generation and so on.” Many women breast-feed their newborns, but only 35% continue after 6 months.

One of the researchers concluded, “Let’s allow our children’s cognitive function be the force that tilts the scale, and let’s get on with it.” With this statement, he was struggling with the frustration of children forever being not as smart as they could be if only they could receive plenty of mother’s milk for a longer period of time.

The Massachusetts researchers discovered that breast-feeding a baby for one year actually increases that child’s IQ by about four points.

Pioneers in the field of natural glycoscience have evidenced the continual benefit of supplementing Smart Sugars for newborns. We have recommended allowing the infant to suck on the tip of the parent’s clean finger after it is moistened and coated with these important plant saccharides.

Mannose seems to be one of the most, if not the most, influential member in the family of Smart Sugars. It is present in the glycan coating of the surface of human cells, even when some of the other sugars are missing. The more abundant the glycans, the healthier the cell. The healthier the cells, the healthier the human body.

The Endowment for Medical Research has had two peer-reviewed papers published evidencing improved brain function in adults using plant polysaccharides. We now have scientific evidence of improved brain function of all ages from infant to nearly a century old.

Glycoscience is science’s relative new term for the discipline of biology that gives life and intelligence to the human race.


Expand Your Mind - Improve Your Brain

Change Your Sugar, Change Your Life

Smart Sugars Lesson #100

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