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Every brain is eligible for improvement and this may be that for which you are looking.

by JC Spencer

Studies indicate that by age 65, one in eight of US will have severe cognitive decline. By age 80, one in two are affected with serious cognitive loss.

Scientist have been unable to build drugs to solve cognitive problems. Our desire for instant gratification has resulted in compounded harm. The elusive pharmaceutical cure is oblivious to prevention.

When we ignore the important, the urgent takes over. Drug companies know where the money is, so they focus on urgent treatment and seldom on the long time important cure.

We have well documented that cognitive decline is contributed to the mis-folding of proteins. When the abnormal protein structures are malformed in the brain their ordinary functions fail which results in memory loss and the inability to connect to stored data.

I have documented many cases of brain improvements over the last two decades that resulted in improved mental and motor skills in a wide-range of neurological challenges. Glycomics, the study of sugars, will continue to allow us to safely pioneer this relatively new discipline of biology.

There are beneficial functional sugars that should be eaten every day. Then there are functional herbs that appear to have great health benefits but should be eaten on a limited basis. One of the best-selling herbal products for the immune system, echinacea, is used to fight viral infections. Many consider it superior to antibiotics or any pharmaceutical  medication. However,   prolonged or overuse of echinacea may result in serious side effects.

Another herb, turmeric, contains the powerful antioxidant, curcumin. Curcumin is proven to be a substantial functional brain food. Turmeric is the bright yellow culinary spice found in the curry of India. With the highest per capita consumption of turmeric, India is reported to have the lowest cognitive decline compared to other countries.

Curcumin is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory agent, superior to pharmaceuticals. However, as with most herbs, prolonged use can be dangerous to some people. Bleeding of the brain has been reported with too much curcumin.

Curcumin causes a powerful immune response in an attempt to resolve the mis-folding of the proteins. Researchers have learned that taking curcumin helps dissolve abnormal proteins. Indeed, the beta-amyloid plaques appear to be broken down by the curcumin. Another study which I have written about shows that a cell phone next to your head can also help dissolve the plaques; but, that is not advisable. An ounce of prevention is still better than a pound of cure.

Scientists have discovered that the sugar Trehalose actually aids in the proper folding of the proteins.

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Protein folding:   Introducing SMART SUGARS

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Glycoscience Lesson #5

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