Author Topic: New Study Links Harmful Sugar to Fatal Heart Problems - Glycoscience Lesson #2  (Read 4855 times)

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New Study Links Harmful Sugar to Fatal Heart Problems - Glycoscience Lesson #2
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And, our children still guzzle soft drinks which may be worse than...

by JC Spencer

The largest human study on the harmful effects of sugar consumption ever conducted has concluded that too much sugar can be deadly. Survey data was gathered from more than 30,000 US citizens between 1988 and 2010.

Researchers had death data on nearly 12,000 adults including 831 who died of heart disease during a fifteen-year follow-up. They took into consideration other factors that are known contributors to heart failure like smoking, excessive weight, inactivity and they were still convinced that sugar was a major risk factor to heart failure.

Natural occurring sugars found in fruits and other foods were not counted in the study. For the paper, researchers focused only on sugars added to processed foods or drinks, or sprinkled in coffee or cereal. Even foods that don't taste sweet have added sugar, including many breads, tomato sauce and salad dressing. Sugar, HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) and MSG are three ingredients added to foods in an attempt to make them taste better.

We consume tons of sugar hidden in the empty calories of processed foods and drinks. With every soft drink swig, the sugar calories stack-up. A few spoons full of sugar here and few there are beyond a safe level. The study may not completely prove that sugar can cause a heart attack; however, it adds to growing data that indicates limiting your sugar intake can lead to a healthier and longer life.

In this new study, the heart issue was linked to normal-weight people who ate lots of added sugar. Other studies have linked sugar to increased risks to obesity and non-fatal heart problems which can also eventually lead to heart trouble.

The flavors of fruits and vegetables have diminished over the last fifty years. With the lack of flavor, nutrition also disappeared, nutrition that contained natural phytochemicals and complex sugars. When these nutrients are missing, your immune system and hormonal system are compromised, period.

A pinch of the natural occurring beneficial sugar, Trehalose, sprinkled on any food has the remarkable ability to enhance flavor and make food more healthful.

Researchers have concluded that chronic stress causes heart disease and cancer, the #1 and #2 killers. A recent study in Israel on antidepressant possibilities gives us hope that the sugar Trehalose has health benefits that may relieve more stress than originally thought. Research also confirms that Trehalose strengthens cell membrane.

Glycoscience, the study of sugars is a rapidly expanding area of biology that will escalate our understanding of beneficial sugars that will change the way we live.

Trehalose is one smart sugar that has passed the test to greatly benefit human health. Our focus and mission is on new Glycoscience discoveries and education of those discoveries.

Source and References:   Introducing SMART SUGARS

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Glycoscience Lesson #2

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