Author Topic: Your Sugar Science Forum to be expanded with TRAINING  (Read 6454 times)


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Your Sugar Science Forum to be expanded with TRAINING
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Hello.  I am new to forums and new here, but think this will really be helpful.  For now, I am finding a ton of wonderful information at the whole endowment site.  We're really thankful for the "think tank" in Texas that has some answers!
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Your Sugar Science Forum to be expanded with TRAINING
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You can benefit as our free Sugar Science Forum is expanded

TRAINING ON REDUCING HEALTHCARE COSTS  - More new ideas to save billions in healthcare costs - The savings can impact your family with hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars.  If you are a small businessman or woman. Your company may save tens of thousands of dollars a year from this information.  Some companies are already actually accomplishing these savings and we will be pragmatically going over these in detail.

SIMPLE WAYS TO IMPROVE HEALTH  - Additional simple inexpensive ways and means of improving your health is an objective of The Endowment for Medical Research.  We welcome your response on the Sugar Science Forum and your participation in the Nutritional Health Evaluation Pilot Survey (Forms available online from our Home Page at

SCIENCES SUPPORTING GLYCOMICS  - As a service to our readers, we will be integrating other Sciences with Glycomics that Support Better Health.

NEW USES FOR TREHALOSE - Recipes and Results  - This is information our readers POST after using trehalose in a new recipe.  This is one of our most popular areas of the website.  Share your recipes by POSTING them on the Sugar Science Forum!  Who knows, this may lead to a Trehalose Recipe Book that can be a fund raiser for The Endowment.  Contribute by letting everyone know your favorite trehalose recipe.

NEW SCIENCE PAPERS  -  All about Trehalose will be posted as research continues around the world.  Many universities are exploring the value and benefits of trehalose.

BAD SUGARS AND SWEETENERS  - Research is accumulating about the harmful effects of able sugar and sweeteners.  We will continue to report and keep our readers informed.

BRAIN FUNCTION  - Improving brain function in children and adults without drugs or harmful side effects is our Mission Statement and purpose for being here.  With two published Alzheimer’s papers, this is not just theory, we have accomplished this through glycomics.  Now, we are seeking integrative ways and means to improve on what has already been accomplished.

Stay tuned and participate in every way you can.  Tell others within your sphere of influence there is a think tank in Texas that have some answers.  Our educational website at is: TRAINING ON REDUCING HEALTHCARE COSTS; telling us about SIMPLE WAYS TO IMPROVE HEALTH; reporting on SCIENCES THAT SUPPORT GYCOMICS; finding NEW USES FOR TREHALOSE and posting Recipes and Results; posting NEW SCIENCE PAPERS ON TREHALOSE and other beneficial sugars; giving new information on HARMFUL SUGARS AND SWEETENERS; and ways to improve BRAIN FINCTION.
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