Author Topic: Trehalose Sugar Inhibits Fat Cell Enlargement and Progression of Type 2 Diabetes  (Read 3117 times)

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Exciting research has confirmed that the naturally-derived functional saccharide trehalose has the effect of inhibiting fat cell hypertrophy, cell enlargement. This means reduced inches. The study was conducted to identify the effects of trehalose in preventing metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is triggered when abdominal fat cells become hypertrophic, and induce insulin resistance which leads to type 2 diabetes. In a study focused on the already-proven effect trehalose had in evoking lower insulin secretion, it was identified that trehalose inhibits the hypertrophy of fat cells. This paper is to be presented to the 31st Conference of Japan Society for the Study of Obesity on October 1, 2010.  If you are eating or drinking a fat loss product that tastes bad - adding the sugar trehalose can make it taste better while possibly improving weight loss.

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