Author Topic: Court Allows Health Claims for Natural Products  (Read 4335 times)

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Court Allows Health Claims for Natural Products
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Comments by J. C. Spencer

Truth and expression of truth about natural products were poisoned but are now alive and in recovery.  During the last week of May 2010, the United States District Court in the District of Columbia ruled that the FDA violated the First Amendment free-speech rights of a dietary-supplement company when it arbitrarily censored truthful and non-misleading claims about selenium’s benefits in reducing the risk of cancer.  This makes the seventh victory against the FDA to restore to companies and individuals the right to make truthful and non-misleading statements about their products.  After this seventh case victory, the courts have given back to companies the right to tell the truth.  While court cases are expensive, this latest ruling opens the door for companies to easily win because precedence is now added to right.

New rules will be proposing definition of competent and reliable scientific substantiation for dietary-supplements and functional foods.  At least two adequate well-controlled human studies conducted independently of each other will be required for label claims.  For more details, read these two articles.