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by JC Spencer

Diseases are “invented” and sometimes they have no fact in illnesses. Obesity is called a disease. Alcoholism is called a disease. Any mental challenge is called a disease. Disease is the Old French word desaise meaning “lack of ease”. So sometimes, even life is a disease. A symptom is called a disease. Addiction is a disease in need of a fix.

Let Doc take care of it! We have become a people in need of a fix by someone else because it is too much trouble to accept our own responsibility and take control of our own health.

We are schooled from an early age to accept that a disease can only be treated by a doctor. In fact, everyone else is forbidden to even use the word “treat” or “cure” when talking about a “disease”. So, it has become acceptable to make nearly everything that discomforts us into a “disease”. The medical establishment has created dependencies, a people in need of a fix and had laws passed to protect Big Pharma.

Able people need to take control of their own health. People become enslaved when they allow themselves to always be FIXED by someone else. “Fixed” is the animal world means, “neutered”. We do the human race a disservice by encouraging others to think that an illness is beyond their control or that we are simply victims of circumstance. The health of almost all people is the results of yesterday's good or bad choices. Tomorrow’s health may be the result of today’s choices.

But, if we go ahead and call everything a disease, then we can “treat” it and start working on a “cure”.

Keith Ablow, MD, has gone on record saying, “Obesity is not a disease - and neither is alcoholism.” Dr. Ablow believes that the medical establishment is eroding human autonomy so we will become even more passive like sheep. When all things are diseases, they must be treated.

Dr. Ablow says, “The American Medical Association (AMA) has decided to classify obesity as a disease. This decision is another example of inventing illnesses - a favorite pastime of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) - and another step towards eroding people’s autonomy and making them passive participants in their health. It is also an example of how the medical establishment is laying the groundwork to bill Medicare and Medicaid for every bad choice anyone makes, ever.”

Dr. Ablow declares that the real solution is to expand an individual’s self-esteem and sense of self-determination and provide them with the knowledge and tools to make better choices about what to eat, how much to eat, and how much to exercise.

When a person chooses, over eating, alcohol, tobacco, or any other drug over what is best for his or her own body, family, and friends, that person is making a destructive decision. That decision will bring on depression and anxiety that further fuels obesity and poorer health as greater consumption of food, alcohol, and smoke play the roles as comforters.

To the best of our ability, each of us should exercise the choice and develop the will to take action against all dis-eases and take authority over that which can take control of our lives. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” (Hippocrates)

Smart Sugars are the building blocks of our Operating System (OS). These sugars are so important to our health that diseases rise and fall in direct relationship to glycosylation of the sugars on our cell’s surface.

But, we dare not forget that the words DISEASE, TREAT, and CURE are owned by WHO? The world expression, WHO, may be translated FDA or AMA.


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