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Two Diabetes Drugs May Increase Cancer Risk By 25 Times - Lesson #93
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More massive law suits expected against Big Pharma!

by JC Spencer

The way some diabetic drugs work is to stimulate the pancreas to produce more insulin which in turn reduces the blood glucose level. Diabetic drugs have grown in sales to billions of dollars per year.

A recent study from the University of California, Los Angeles, and another study published in the JAMA Internal Medicine journal (2-25-2013) shows that Type 2 diabetes patients taking Januvia (Merck) or Byetta (Bristol-Myers Squibb) were twice as likely as those who took other drugs to end up in the hospital with pancreatitis. While the pancreatitis risk is double, other reports indicate that the pancreatic cancer risk is 25 times higher.

The number of people world-wide who take Type 2 diabetic drugs is about equal to the total population of the US. Diabetic drug side effects place at risk a vast percentage of our population from pancreas failure and kidney damage.

The pancreas becomes overworked fighting the excess glucose with increased insulin production. The diabetic has hope when they understand the cause and effect and take action to resolve the issue. The need for medication can decrease dramatically with the use of a little common sense!

Excess glucose in your blood can cause you to become a Type 2 diabetic. Sure, adding more of the hormone called insulin into your bloodstream will lower your glucose load. But, dumping less sugar and less high glycemic foods into your mouth can also lower your blood sugar. Soft drinks and junk food are food-like substances that contribute two main things into your bloodstream, glucose and toxins. Oh, there may be a little nutrients there, but not much. If this low octane fuel is burned as energy, that is good. But, you have to be active to burn fuel. Otherwise, there is decreased metabolism and increased stress to the pancreas and the rest of the body.

Other drugs are causing or compounding diabetes. Researchers have concluded that over 64,000 new-onset diabetics are caused each year by statin drugs!  In a study where more than 32,000 people were evaluated, scientists determined that higher dosages resulted in greater diabetes risk and other side effects.

More research is needed to reconfirm benefits of Smart Sugars and modulation of glucose levels. As Smart Sugars improve glycosylation of the cells and communication of the cells, we are learning that glucose metabolism is improved and the propensity is evident for a more normal sugar load.


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