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The main harm can come from over-reacting to stress.

by JC Spencer

People have experienced stress throughout history. Stress is our modern term for Biblical trials and tribulations. I was told that my great-grandfather was under a lot of stress. The story goes that he was an Indian fighter. However, my great-grandmother was under even more stress. She was the Indian.

Stress is not the enemy. Response to stress is often more stressful than the initial stress. Stress can make you stronger. We can all see the world coming apart at the seam and there is no zipper. Chaos is the norm. Our country and perhaps the world is under a fundamental transformation that is compounding stress on all sides. Today’s epidemic of depression builds upon stress, worry, doubt, fear, anxiety, frustration, confusion, cruelty, anger, injustice, hopelessness, aided by temptation and corruption all around us.

Depression has caused suicides to surpass car crashes as the main cause of accidental deaths in the US. It is reported that a larger number of US soldiers are now dying from suicide than in combat. Research concludes that chronic stress causes heart disease and cancer, our #1 and #2 killers. Antidepressants are selling off the shelf with about 1 in 4 women taking them according to a study by the CDC. Perhaps because of the reckless attempts to prevent dangerous things from happening, some 6.5 million children are prescribed psychiatric drugs. These drugs are often used to relieve stress from the parents more than the child. And, millions of adults are turning to alcohol to calm their fears. Suicide rates rise with alcohol and drug use.

The stress level is compounded by a society that mocks moral values and a disintegrating monetary system. It appears that the asylum is run by the inmates and the plague of mental illness is world-wide. One study, which I frankly don’t believe, concluded that about 40% of Europeans have mental illness. It’s difficult to keep count when the distressed are doing the counting. As that number grows here and there, the assumption plays into the hands of forced institutionalized incarceration.

The current research direction is wrong as it concludes that “depressive illnesses are disorders of the brain.” Psychiatry has come to rely heavily on altering our brain chemistry by tricking it into producing higher levels of neurotransmitters like serotonin and norepinephrine. Can we accept the statement that 23% of American women from age 40 through 59 currently on antidepressants ALL have defective or diseased brains?

National CDC figures indicate that the baby boomer suicide rate rose by almost 30% during the decade ending in 2010, even as the rate among people 85 and older (traditionally, the demographic most likely to kill themselves) actually dropped by 12%. For people ages 45 to 54, the suicide rate was 19.6 per 100,000 in 2010. For people ages 55 to 64, it was 17.5 per 100,000. For the whole population, the national rate was 12.4 per 100,000, according to the CDC. In Sacramento County, California, state data show, the suicide rate among boomers rose 60% – from 16 per 100,000 in the year 2000 to almost 25 per 100,000 a decade later.

The prevalence of depression may be the side effect of powerful medications. Baby boomers are heavier and more sedentary than their elders were at the same age. And, on more medication. The record shows that more than 90% of the people who die from suicide already have a diagnosed mental disorder of some sort.

Wait a minute! I’m depressed just reading what I just wrote. Push the pause button. Let’s be still and know that a little personal quiet time for prayer and reflection can help us cast all anger far away and allow a peace that passes all understanding to envelope us and fill us.

Embrace Truth and the Peace and freedom Truth brings. Improved health can help us overcome stress and better address the situation. Regular exercise improves circulation, improves the immune system and makes us stronger to overcome stress. The truth is that today can be better than yesterday and tomorrow can be better than today. The birth pains become less intense when we focus on what can be instead of what was.

A recent study in Israel on anti-depressant possibilities gives new hope what the sugar Trehalose has health benefits that may relieve stress. Don’t under estimate the possibilities when adding Trehalose to a cup of Chamomile or other relaxing teas. Take time to relax!
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