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Improved brains can restore families, extend life, and save trillions of dollars.

by JC Spencer

University of Miami research gives new hope that Alzheimer’s can be reversed. The paper was published in early 2013 in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.

The university study was inspired by two very encouraging Alzheimer’s Pilot Surveys conducted by The Endowment for Medical Research in Houston and published in Proceedings of the Fisher Institute for Medical Research in March 2006 and March 2007.

Alzheimer’s is a progressive deterioration of the brain and yet over the nine month study forty six percent of the participants improved. Lead researcher John E. Lewis, associate professor at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, indicated that some of the subjects made dramatic progress where their lives were restored. The new study revealed that the Smart Sugar mannose and other key nutrients improved cognitive and immune functioning in those with dementia.

Although the study was small, involving only 34 patients, it is significant because it is among the first to provide evidence that nutrition changes may be able to reverse brain deterioration in the millions of Americans who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.

Stem cells were monitored which evidence brain degradation or repair. Patients averaged 377% increase in stem cell production and their immune function also improved.

As with some of the hyper-responders who participated in the earlier Pilot Surveys conducted by The Endowment for Medical Research, some cognitive improvements went well beyond what standardized testing could measure.

A woman in her 90s, who could not walk or speak when the trial began, was able to leave her wheelchair a few months into the study and began to again speak. She actually went from mute to saying something, even calling a clinical coordinator by name. The families of other participants reported cognitive improvement that literally restored functional activity.

University research world-wide provides compounding evidence that Smart Sugars indeed improve the glycans (glycoprotein receptors) on the surface of cells. It is this cell glycosylation of specific sugars that command proliferation of stem cells and the repair of damaged cells.

In 2008, I wrote these words in the textbook on glycoscience and brain function, Expand Your Mind- Improve Your Brain, “The economical impact this discovery can have on the nation is astounding. There are currently some six million Alzheimer’s patients in the United States with an expected fifteen million within the next few years. The current cost of caring for these victims is estimated at $75,000 per person year per year. That is an annual economic burden of four hundred and fifty billion dollars.

“Delaying the onset of Alzheimer’s for 15 million patients just one year could result in a national savings of $1.125 trillion minus normal living costs, still leaving a savings of approximately $1 trillion.”

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Smart Sugars Lesson #89

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