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Science or Consensus? And, what does that have to do with Smart Sugars? #78
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by JC Spencer

Q:   Can science be wrong?
A:   Science is FACTUAL and RIGHT but our understanding and consensus of science is always less than perfect.

What we view and how we view what we view gives us the data to determine our choices and responses to that observation. Choices are easy to make when you have all the facts and the moral compass to proceed.

Science is not fiction. Science fiction is fiction. All my life I have enjoyed both science and science fiction. Sometimes you can mix the two with creative thought to project what can be. Like in 1956, I wrote a paper entitled “Mouse Milk Cures Cancer”.

That little science+fiction paper was half a century before I learned anything about glycobiology. In fact, that was 32 years before the word glycobiology was coined at Oxford University. Now, we know that human mother’s milk contains Smart Sugars that build the baby’s immune system and provide the building blocks for the cellular communications for the body.

Science is the study of facts gained through observation of the design and function of a system. Gaining systematic knowledge of the design and function of any system is open ended and inexhaustible. The study has infinite possibilities due to the fact that no system stands alone. Each system is a part of other influential systems ranging in size from the subatomic universe to the vastness of the whole universe. And, each system has many internal systems until you reach the far side of infinity.

Consensus is an attempt to bring equilibrium to chaos or maintain control over a situation by individual opinions modified to be unified. Consensus is incapable of changing a single law of science by decree, even by unanimous acclamation. Consensus is political and easily corrupted as untruths are forced into play in the struggle for success. Human nature is to misbehave when not constrained by law or moral compass.

Science is based on fact. Consensus is based on opinion at the time and will not withstand the testing of time. Man’s opinion of science does not change science. Science is what IS. Consensus is man’s opinion of what IS is. Consensus normally develops from emotion pretending to be logic.

Man’s view does not change the situation. Man’s view of a diamond is determined through which facet he peers and the light available at the time. The science of the human body reveals some 70 trillion living cells and over 700 trillion other life forms which are along for the ride as parasites, bacteria, and viruses. The common communication system of the whole batch is constructed of Smart Sugars. Our health, starting with our immune system depends on these sugars. Glycoscience will soon be taught in our schools and tomorrow’s scientists will build upon the intellectual foundation put in place during the last two decades.

How we view glycoscience will determine our response. Big Pharma looks at glycoscience as the gravy train worth billions of dollars because it can improve drugs to treat symptoms more effectively. So, they are frantically designing new drugs using synthesized Smart Sugars. The Energy Lords look to glycoscience as a potential inexhaustible renewable energy. They are busy taking ownership of fuel alternatives to use or to prohibit.

The public is learning about glycoscience and are beginning to ask, “Why not just eat these sugars as natural plant sourced food?” Glycoscience is irrefutably a disruptive science. Consensus of governments, Big Pharmas, and Energy Lords will struggle with how to manipulate and control the science that today the public can simply enjoy the improved health benefits.

Each day we learn something new. I just learned that membranes isolated from mouse milk fat globules contain enzymes responsible for production of mannose. Mannose is one of the truly Smart Sugars capable of curing cancer. It was the mannose sugar that eradicated cancer in the poultry population.  Every baby chicken in the US was vaccinated with a small amount of USDA approved mannose laced in the shots.

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