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Your Brain Is Hardwired For Truth - Smart Sugars Lesson #77
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by JC Spencer

False signals, sooner or later, develop into chaos. Lack of any communication is more trust worthy than miscommunication. False signals make it so you do not know where you are going and that is where you are likely to end up.

Your neurons are HARD WIRED for Truth, and Truth is what holds all things together. A few years ago I wrote these words: Total Truth gives no false signals. The flow of even the slightest false witness gives the wrong signal and initiates the flow of wrong energy and matter. Opinions do not count as Truth. Because nothing is as it appears, what you perceive as reality is in fact, at least in part, an illusion. Untruth is an illusion paralleled with deception.

The main function between components and systems is to flow Truth (no false signals), energy, and matter needed by the other components and systems.

The mind is a wonderful thing to not waste. When your brain believes wrong is right, it will sincerely make the wrong choice. I call that negative faith operating on false data.

A hypochondriac may develop an illness in an otherwise healthy body. The brain obeys the constant signals of welcoming illness because it becomes convinced that the signal is Truth. Not only is the hypochondriac affected by this hidden lie, but others as well, including the family, friends, and community. Any untruth almost always affects many people.

Researchers in brain function at the California Institute of Technology have discovered the region of the brain where struggles with emotion takes place. This published university research helps substantiate that, indeed, Your neurons are HARD WIRED for Truth. The researchers used the fairness, struggles with emotion to find equitable solutions.  They pinpointed the region of the brain where this concept of fairness is processed, the insular cortex, or insula, which is also the seat of emotional reactions.

"The fact that the brain has such a robust response to unfairness suggests that sensing unfairness is a basic evolved capacity," notes Steven Quartz, an associate professor of philosophy at Caltech and author of the study.

We have developed a pathway to improve brain function with Smart Sugars that are the building blocks for the Operating System (OS) of the brain and every cell of your body.  Communication between cells is the responsibility of the Smart Sugars.  However, the choice of morality, the choice of Truth is left up to the individual.  Truth is hardwired into the brain.

Should you go against Truth, your whole body knows and responds with a compounding stress level.  Stress causes aging and the need to improve the immune system.  Again, this is what Smart Sugars do.

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Smart Sugars Lesson #77

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