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A Graphic Lesson About The Horrors Of Drugs - Smart Sugars Lesson #75
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by JC Spencer

They were once handsome and beautiful young men and women.  Facial features decay before your eyes as a few years of time is time-lapsed into a few seconds.  Graphic morphing reveals the devastating toll toxins take on human lives. 

Mug shots morph from one to another that show shocking deterioration of the face.  The photographs were compiled of drug users who were  arrested repeatedly over the years. The continued drug use resulted in horrific damage to the drug users' skin.

As the toxins destroy the brain, the drug user may experience uncontrollable scratching during a hallucination when the addict imagines bugs are crawling under their skin.  The shocking physical transformation can be seen in the faces of drug users hooked on the horror that is killing them.  “Meth mouth,” as it is sometimes called, causes teeth decay and grinding.  This results in gaunt accelerated by malnutrition which leads to consumption of muscle tissue for survival nourishment.

Deputy Bret King from  the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office in Oregon began to witness the physical transformation that occurred in methamphetamine addicts.  He started tracking mug shots of people who were repeatedly brought in to police custody.  He decided to compile the photos for an anti-drug campaign and to educate children on the realities of drug abuse.

The short video you are about to witness was produced from mug shots in the Oregon police files.  After clicking on the link found in the references, scroll down to view the video.  Other videos produced from evidence found in the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office include “From Drugs to Mugs” and “Face of Meth” which show the impact of hard drugs including cocaine, heroin and meth.

Toxins of every kind can quickly alter the brain, alter gene expression, and destroy a life.  On the other end of the mental spectrum are the benefits of Smart Sugars which scientists are discovering can improve brain function, positively alter gene expression and may so improve the quality of life that life itself may be lengthened.

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Smart Sugars Lesson #75

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