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Viruses and Smart Sugars - Smart Sugars Lesson #71
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by JC Spencer

Viruses are the greatest example of evil personified. A virus is worse than a parasite which simply feeds on and lives off of another life.  A virus is powerless on its own and, like a parasite, attaches itself to another life form.  The virus can speak cell language.  It communicates with cell signals.  Unable to reproduce on its own, the virus signals this message to the host cell, “Don’t reproduce yourself.  Reproduce Me!  Here is my DNA.  Accept it as your own.”

The targeted host cell can accept the DNA of the virus.  In doing so, it loses its ability to reproduce itself and reproduces a copy of the virus.  Reprogramming the DNA of another cell is the only way that a virus can propagate.  The deceptive virus is at war with us and scientists agree that it is the one single greatest threat for annihilation of the human race.

When the human host cell is weak, it has no choice but to heed the voice of the enemy.  When the human host cell is strong, healthy, and supported with a viable immune system, it automatically and instinctively rejects the virus.  The alarmed cell makes at least two immediate responses (cell calls if you will).  1) “Don’t even think about docking your deceiving viral vessel in this harbor.  My receptor sites are loaded and there is no room for you.”  2) By cell to cell communication the endangered cell sends an alert signal to summon the mother of all big eaters, the macrophage.

The macrophage (Greek for big eater) is a powerful warrior against toxins and infections but in human bodies with poor immune systems, they are hard of hearing and less active.  The macrophage is a type of white blood cell that disables and ingests foreign invaders of the body.  A macrophage is usually immobile and loosely connected to blood vessel walls.  They are both a nonspecific defense system for a good immune system and specific defense when needed for a specified purpose, like this deadly virus.

The macrophage is battle ready and silently awaiting the command.  The macrophage is awakened by the cry of a healthy cell in trouble.  With an amazing complex and harmonious coordination, the macrophage recognizes, attacks, and removes the virus and other invading particles.  When needed, the macrophage marches in lock-step with another white blood cell, the helper T-cell to provide protection to the body.

When the cell to cell communication is operating properly, the macrophage may come alone or summon an army to the battle.  One macrophage can battle and devour 100 bacteria.  I do not yet know the troops needed for viral battles but we have seen some amazing battles won.

A virus can dock on a cell surface if the glycoprotein receptor sites are sparse.  The cell is healthy when the glycoproteins cover the cell like thick fuzz on a peach.  Specific Smart Sugars are not only the building blocks for a good immune system, they construct the Operating System of the body for all communication.  That is really important when you need a macrophage.

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Smart Sugars Lesson #71

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