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GMO Foods Cause Vital Organ Damage and Tumors - Smart Sugars Lesson #70
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Top Secret GMO Grain Research Just Released

by JC Spencer

[This 2 year research program was conducted in top secret in France because of fear of sabotage from Monsanto. Phone contacts were disallowed and encrypted emails and a decoy study were used to prevent subversion.  Now there are desperate attacks by Monsanto on the credibility of the study and those who did it.]

A new study discovers a human ticking time bomb that purportedly could maim and kill millions of people.  According to a new French rat study, GMO grains are manifesting into a growing eruption of new ailments doctors have never seen before.  US production of corn is 80% GMO and soybean is 93% GMO.

This is the first ever lifelong feeding program to evaluate health risks from GMO food says a published paper.  The study shows organ failure and lethal tumors resulting from GMO corn (maize). Engineering a Genetically Modified Organism is man’s manipulation of a host DNA with a foreign or synthetic gene designed to create a new breed or subspecies. Motivation for such science is normally profit.  Plants may be engineered to increase crop yield and produce insecticide and herbicide within the seed.  Science gone wild is manifesting bizarre deadly consequences for animals and humans. Glyphosate (Roundup), the poison grown in the grain, continues to harm animals and humans that have consumed foods made from the corn.

This study explains why GMO damage has not yet peaked in humans.  Flaunted short-term studies have falsely shown GMO grains to be safe for humans and animals.  Previous short-term studies conceal what happens next.  Comparing rat years to human years, makes the human equivalent for the rat study about 28 years.  In the French rat study, damage was not very evident during the first 90 days (equivalent to about 4 human years).  The first large detectable tumors did not occur until month 4 into the study.  After that initial period and over the following 21 months (24½ human years) came the vital organ damage and massive tumors.  Some tumors grew to 25% the size of the rats.

Today’s children may be the first generation to not outlive their parents.  Was this prediction triggered by sickness and diseases in children who have consumed GMO foods for the past few years?  Are we in the early stages of glyphosate (Roundup) damage in humans?  Many people in the US have been eating GMO foods for nearly a decade.  20 human years is about 2/3 of the way through this rat experiment.  Some healthcare professionals believe that we haven’t seen anything yet compared to health challenges we will see in the next few years.

Here is a pathway that may help address GMO damage. David Busbee, PhD, Texas A&M University Department of Agriculture Genetics and Toxicology (now  retired) presented research at our Glycomic Medical Conference that showed certain plant polysaccharides (Smart Sugars), including the sugar mannose, can correct altered gene expression and help reduce the toxic effects.

Pathway out of the toxic maize (corn):
Step one:  Stop eating GMO foods.  This may not be easy because GMO products are used in many foods and animal feeds in the US.  Look for organic and Non-GMO products.  The voice of the public is demanding that more companies label their products to read: May contain some GMO ingredients or Certified Non-GMO.

Step Two:  Counteract the GMO effects which may damage the immune system and vital organs.  Only a well-modulated immune system can remove both the toxins and inflammation out of the body!  Certain Smart Sugars, especially the sugar mannose, modulates the human immune system and may equip it to remove glyphosate and repair the damage when caught early on.  More research is merited.  Meanwhile, there is great disagreement between countries whether they allow or block the sale of GMO grains.

Source and additional reading:

Read the complete paper in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology   entitled: Long term toxicity of a Roundup herbicide and a Roundup-tolerant genetically modified maize

14 hour video DVD series of Glycomics education including 2 presentations by David Busbee, PhD

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Smart Sugars Lesson #70

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