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Diabetes and Overweight Almost Killed SlimJim, Our Webmaster - #65
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by JC Spencer

SlimJim weighed in at 439 pounds.  He has served as the webmaster for The Endowment for Medical Research, Inc for six years.  So, he knew about the science and he successfully lost 80 pounds.  He gained most of the weight back because he never met food he didn’t like and his fruit intake came from blueberry filled donuts.  His target weight is 220 to become (his words not mine), “half the man I used to be.”

Jim and his wife, Sue, invited Karen and me over to watch Kungfu Panda 2 on the big screen Saturday evening (7/7/2012).  Jolly Jim exhibits the stature, personality, and mannerism of Kungfu Panda.

Just before we arrived, Sue called.  Jim was not responding to her questions, was dropping things and knocking things to the floor as he was, in slow-motion, flailing through the house.  Her fear was that he was having a stroke.

When we arrived, it was apparent that Jim had lost much of his motor skills.  He tried to scribble a note but scribble was all he could do before he dropped his pen.  His continence was mindless bewilderment as I took him by the hand, and said firmly, “We are going to the hospital.  Come on, get in the car.”

After a few minutes, he crawled into the back seat of our TownCar and we headed to Northwest Memorial.  Tests showed Jim’s blood sugar was 771.  He doctor thought he was having a diabetic ketonic attack (too little insulin for the amount of glucose).

Before Jim was released seven days later, the doctor told him the mortality rate is 80% for patients with symptoms that serious.  His doctors insist that surgery is the only option to reduce his weight and no longer be diabetic.  Jim, is tenaciously determined to show them that there is a better way.

His doctors are amazed that his other vital signs, organs, and arteries were excellent.  Jim unquestionably contributes these good signs to a regimen of good nutrition including Smart Sugars and God’s Grace.  To celebrate Father’s Day at Red Lobster, he ate a dozen scrumptious cheddar bay biscuits followed by a big meal topped off with a  decadently delicious dessert.  He was overdosing on carbohydrates that produced spiking glucose and high triglycerides. 

Jim is now fully committed to taking solid sound scientific action toward fat loss while gaining better health in the process.  We believe good nutrition and Smart Sugars saved Jim’s life.  He learned from this dramatic event that it’s not good to dump junk food into the feeding trough.

Jim’s near death experience prompted me to write Smart Sugars Lesson #64 titled, Smart Sugars and Your Triglyceride Battle with the subtitle, Getting down to the real CAUSE for FAT GAIN and what to do about it.

Jim has started his journey to renewed health.  He is already able to back off much of his insulin by maintaining a consistently low glucose level, and is working on lowering his triglycerides.  You see, Jim just learned from Lesson #64 that high triglycerides cause chaos with the transporting and processing of fat and glucose in and out of the liver.

His doctors are astounded that he has recovered and improved so quickly with consistency of his tight low sugar count.  They said, “This does not happen!”  They will continue to closely monitor his progress.

You are invited to watch and encourage Jim as he gains health and sheds 200 pounds over the coming months.  SlimJim’s objective is to be a living lesson to benefit others who are near giving up all hope.  He never again wants to see the fear in his wife’s eyes, the fear of losing him to his stupid eating habits which led to his obesity.

If you wish to send Jim a note of encouragement, his email address is [email protected]

To learn more view Power Point Presentation by Central Washington University at

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Smart Sugars Lesson #65

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