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Smart Sugars Lesson #62

by JC Spencer

The killer was fascinated by the inner workings of the human brain.  His fascination may have lead him to use the hardcore pharmaceutical drug, Vicodin.  Reports are that twelve million of US (not me) take prescription painkillers ‘purely for the high‘ instead of for their intended purpose.

He joined the neuroscience Ph.D. program at the University of Colorado Denver in June 2011 where he was awarded a prestigious $26,000 grant from NIH to cover his tuition and provide living allowance.

He completed the first year of the program at Anschutz Medical Campus where he studied how the brain functions and malfunctions.  The school’s focus is on basic, clinical and translational research in the biomedical sciences.  Such courses are beneficial toward helping develop drugs to treat epilepsy and other disorders.  During the year in the neuroscience doctoral program, he was surrounded by brain expert scientists and about three dozen classmates who were delving into the inner workings of the brain.

Anschutz Medical Campus is internationally known as a model for the future because of its cutting-edge science and its ground-breaking research and expertise in innovation, discovery and commercialization of therapies, drugs and medical devices.

Weeks before his well-planned killing spree, the young man who thought he was the Joker, quit the Ph.D. program in neuroscience for unknown reasons.  Over a period of time, he methodically stockpiled weapons and explosives at work and at home which police say he used to kill a dozen people and wound fifty-eight more at a movie theater in Aurora.  Authorities say he booby-trapped his apartment with clear intent for killing police officers or anyone who would enter.

The side-effects of Vicodin can include euphoria, paranoia, hallucinations, an altered mental state and unusual thoughts or behavior.  His drug of choice, Vicodin, is known as an addictive narcotic, a combination of acetaminophen and hydrocodone which may impair one's thinking, actions, and reactions.

Statistical analysis show that prescription drug fatalities outnumber death by traffic accidents.  It is reported that more Americans die from pharmaceutical painkillers than illegal drugs like cocaine and heroin combined and often lead to destructive and radical behavior prior to their death sentence.

The dark sinister twist that connects two Jokers is that Heath Ledger, who played the Joker, in the Batman movie, The Dark Knight, died in 2008 from an accidental overdose of toxic painkillers before the movie was completed.

Any pain is the symptom of a problem.  A new breed of doctors are fixing health problems instead of just treating the symptoms.  Major steps are taken in that direction when we modulate the immune system and balance the hormones.

Glycomics, the science of sugars, is the future of medicine and healthcare.  Smart Sugars, sometimes called Royal Sugars, are far safer than bullets and needles and the studies are in: CERTAIN SUGARS IMPROVE BRAIN FUNCTION.

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Smart Sugars Lesson #62

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