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Quantum Glycobiology presents new possibilities for sugars
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by JC Spencer

Quantum science deals with unseen factors that can generate tipping points, producing what we call “anomalies”.  An anomaly is what people name something when they don’t know what just happened.  Something caused the tipping point which was not calculated into the equation and yet remains unexplained.

In the title of this lesson, “new possibilities for sugars” may be a misnomer in that the possibilities are not really new but our understanding what is happening and how to help make certain things happen ARE indeed new.  Traditional physics deal with how things normally function.  Quantum physics take into consideration those many unseen factors.

In biology, we witness life, the natural science of all living organisms.  We study structure, function, and growth and all that make plants, animals and humans what they are.  Living organisms consume and transform energy from various sources.  Light influence on sugars is one factor we will discuss in just a moment. 

In glycobiology (glycomics), we study various sugar structures (design) and witness the function of these sugars and the effects they have on living organisms.

Initially science taught us that sugars were only for energy.  In recent years, we have learned that energy is but one of the many benefits or harmful functions of various sugars.  Some sugars are the building blocks of the Operating System (OS) of the body and the backbone structure of the DNA double helix.

What the body does with glucose alone becomes the tipping point for diabetes and general health.  What an infant child does with Royal Sugars in its body determines the quality of mental health and motor skills for that human life for the rest of its life.

For us, quantum glycobiology IS made up of the multitude of unseen factors that influence or dictate commands for what the human cell can do with the sugars.  The sooner we understand these forces, the sooner we can explain the health anomalies we have witnessed over the past two decades.  Any one of the multitude of influences may develop a tipping point.

In Smart Sugars Lesson #27, I mentioned many more hidden influences than just radiation, pressure, density, heat, microwave, and light.  Each of these could serve as a tipping point.  We learned that scientists have manipulated genes in diabetic mice with bursts of blue light. The blue light turns on the GLP-1 gene, which tells the pancreas to make more insulin.  When the protein melanopsin (a light sensitive pigment in ganglion cells) is exposed to blue light, it triggers the production of calcium which activates the NFAT gene, which can turn on other genes.

There are an incalculable number of particles and waves within incalculable dimensions and frequencies.  Quantum glycomics will provide explanations and open wide a new frontier of learning about sugars that will change the way we live.

Scientists question yesterday’s discoveries.  And, rightfully so because often they misunderstood what they thought they observed.  Now, the very foundation of modern physics is questioned with the recent discovery that neutrino particles have been clocked going faster than the speed of light.  It now appears that Einstein was wrong.

With quantum glycomics, we can discover that a ridiculed sugar pill may, over time, be enormously more beneficial to human health than today’s antiquated toxic drugs.

This Quantum Lesson is also know as Smart Sugars Lesson #35
You may Download it here as a pdf file

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