Author Topic: Is Trehalose Made from GMO Corn?  (Read 6512 times)

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Is Trehalose Made from GMO Corn?
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Our website viewers at continue to ask the question, "Is trehalose made from GMO corn?

Trehalose can be made and future trehalose MAY be made from corn starch.

Trehalose is natural and can be made from any starch.  Recent trehalose we supply is made from tapioca from the root of the cassava plant. Trehalose is made when specific enzymes are used with the starch that reduces it to two glucose molecules bonded together with one glucose molecule turned upside down.  The trehalose molecule (two glucose molecules) is quite small. So, even if trehalose were made from GMO corn starch, the glucose molecule would not contain the effects. Trehalose is probably better for the human body than the normal glucose dripped into the body in hospitals.

You can see on our website (from the top navigational bar) HOT LINKS OF INTEREST a very interesting Link called:
LEARN GENETICS interactive sliding scale  The University of Utah has developed a LEARN GENETICS interactive sliding scale of seeds, cells, molecules including glucose, water, and carbon. Simply slide the bar back and forth to change the sizes. There you may compare the trehalose molecule with the DNA to discover that the trehalose molecule is indeed much SMALLER than the DNA.
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