Author Topic: Leukemia - Diabetes - Cardiovascular Nutritional Pilot Survey Begins  (Read 6590 times)

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Leukemia - Diabetes - Cardiovascular Nutritional Pilot Survey Begins
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Your assistance is requested on a Nutritional Pilot Survey that is designed to include individuals with Leukemia, Diabetes, and Cardiovascular challenges as well as General Health.  The same protocol will be used for all participants.  The Pilot Survey is to determine any possible synergistic function, prior to further clinical trials.  All participants are asked to invite his or her physician to also monitor the Survey.  Previous studies indicate the functional foods eaten separately have health benefits.

Participants in this Study will simple use a shaker loaded with functional powder to sprinkle on their food.  Recent research has shown benefits in leukemia, diabetes, arthritis, brain function, cardiovascular diseases,  LDL cholesterol, and other health challenges using safe functional foods that have a wide range of health benefits.  This may prove to be one of the more enjoyable Pilot Surveys because of the delightful aroma that has already passed tests for improved cognitive function simply from inhaling the flagrance.

The function food blend, called T/C+, consists of Ceylon cinnamon, the sugar trehalose, and bio-available ionic multi-trace minerals in phytonutrient form.

Participants will complete a baseline survey and pledge to complete an Evaluation Form each month for the next six months.  The study is self funding with matching funds which means the participants receive twice the amount of product during the trials.  The Endowment for medical Research, Inc in Houston is conducting the Nutritional Pilot Survey.  Application to participate in the study can be done online at may be downloaded at