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Improved brains can restore families, extend life, and save trillions of dollars.

by JC Spencer

University of Miami research gives new hope that Alzheimer’s can be reversed. The paper was published in early 2013 in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.

The university study was inspired by two very encouraging Alzheimer’s Pilot Surveys conducted by The Endowment for Medical Research in Houston and published in Proceedings of the Fisher Institute for Medical Research in March 2006 and March 2007.

Alzheimer’s is a progressive deterioration of the brain and yet over the nine month study forty six percent of the participants improved. Lead researcher John E. Lewis, associate professor at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, indicated that some of the subjects made dramatic progress where their lives were restored. The new study revealed that the Smart Sugar mannose and other key nutrients improved cognitive and immune functioning in those with dementia.

Although the study was small, involving only 34 patients, it is significant because it is among the first to provide evidence that nutrition changes may be able to reverse brain deterioration in the millions of Americans who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.

Stem cells were monitored which evidence brain degradation or repair. Patients averaged 377% increase in stem cell production and their immune function also improved.

As with some of the hyper-responders who participated in the earlier Pilot Surveys conducted by The Endowment for Medical Research, some cognitive improvements went well beyond what standardized testing could measure.

A woman in her 90s, who could not walk or speak when the trial began, was able to leave her wheelchair a few months into the study and began to again speak. She actually went from mute to saying something, even calling a clinical coordinator by name. The families of other participants reported cognitive improvement that literally restored functional activity.

University research world-wide provides compounding evidence that Smart Sugars indeed improve the glycans (glycoprotein receptors) on the surface of cells. It is this cell glycosylation of specific sugars that command proliferation of stem cells and the repair of damaged cells.

In 2008, I wrote these words in the textbook on glycoscience and brain function, Expand Your Mind- Improve Your Brain, “The economical impact this discovery can have on the nation is astounding. There are currently some six million Alzheimer’s patients in the United States with an expected fifteen million within the next few years. The current cost of caring for these victims is estimated at $75,000 per person year per year. That is an annual economic burden of four hundred and fifty billion dollars.

“Delaying the onset of Alzheimer’s for 15 million patients just one year could result in a national savings of $1.125 trillion minus normal living costs, still leaving a savings of approximately $1 trillion.”

Sources: Abstract of the new Alzheimer’s Study
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Change Your Sugar, Change Your Life
Smart Sugars Lesson #89

© The Endowment for Medical Research, Inc.
Smart Sugars were at work from the beginning.

by JC Spencer

Glycan signals were at work even before the sperm fertilized the egg. The intimate communica-tion, the very first touch, begins the process to make a new human being. The DNA blueprint contributed from each parent will be read, translated, merged, and transcribed into every new cell. Instantly, the process starts that will continue, not only until birth but for life and for generations yet to be born.

The glycan (sugar coating) on the sperm and the egg forms the Operating System (OS). In the split second when the sperm hits the egg, the tiny antennae on the egg, signals to all other sperm, “I’m taken. Go away.”

Glycosylation is how LIFE is given to the cell and to the human body. Remove the glycans, the glycoprotein receptor sites, from the cell and the cell is dead.

We have known and studied this science for two decades and now medical scientific community world-wide understands that this paramount discovery of glycobiology will change the world of healthcare. Measuring these life giving receptor sites is the ultimate frontier of the life sciences.

If you are a healthy individual, you probably have somewhere around 800,000 antennae on each of your some 70 trillion cells. When you get up close to these sugar chains, you begin to understand why glycomics is thousands of time more complex than the human genome project.

When we are able to analyze the health of these glycoproteins, we will be able to diagnose and know what the health of that individual will be months and even years down the road.

All scientific bodies world-wide agree this soon coming diagnostics will be the Holy Grail of medicine and all healthcare.

Glycobiology has provided me with the firsthand experience of witnessing the three phases of truth. Initially truth is denied. In the eighties and early nineties, the medical community scoffed at the possibilities of sugars doing anything but supplying energy to the body.

Secondly, truth is violently attacked if it is not understood. And, glycoscience was not under-stood. Thirdly, truth is accepted as self-evident.

Ajit Varki, head of Glycobiology Research at the University of California San Diego, said, “It’s like we’ve just discovered the continent of North America. Now we have to send out scouting parties to find out how big it is...”

DNA may help us understand about 30% of the health propensity of a person. The glycans may help us understand about 70% of the health propensity of that same individual. The 30%/70% rule of nature and nurture seems to be right for the current health conditions of most people. Diagnosing both the genes and the glycoproteins will provide the ultimate to determine in advance what should be done to improve health.

This coming diagnostics is how we can address the important instead of waiting to address the urgent.

Glycan diagnostics can potentially save trillions of dollars in healthcare costs and allow the individual to be more in charge of his or her future health.
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Change Your Sugar, Change Your Life
Smart Sugars Lesson #88
© The Endowment for Medical Research, Inc.
The body is not alone. There is mental paralysis, financial paralysis, business paralysis, spiritual paralysis and the list goes on.

by JC Spencer

Overcoming paralysis will forever change the way we think and the way we live.

The neurological signals may fade in and out and cause various degrees of weakness leading to paralysis; however, strength, in many cases, may be restored. Nerves can be regenerated. Regrowth and strength may return to certain paralyzed regions. This encouraging analysis of paralysis shows that tomorrow can be better than today.

Paralysis is of the body but the body is not alone. There’s mental paralysis, physical paralysis, financial paralysis, business paralysis, spiritual paralysis and the list goes on. We have all experienced paralysis of a roadblock of some kind that did not allow us to move forward like we wanted to.

We are all in some state of paralysis and may not even know it. Paralysis slips upon a person slowly unless he or she is involved in a traumatic event. The word paralysis literally means to be disabled at the side. Communication is disrupted by pain or something else that weakens or severs the command that the brain is sends to the limb or other motor functions of the body, even a smile.

Damage along any point of the command route reduces the brain's ability to control muscle movement. The reduced efficiency causes weakness or complete paralysis. Complete loss of communication prevents all forward movement.

The nerve damage causes paralysis may be anywhere along the command route from the brain through the central nervous system, peripheral nervous system, to the region that has become immovable.

Injury and stroke are the main causes for sudden paralysis. Spreading inflamation leads to degenerative tissue and further paralysis. Signs of approaching paralysis may manifest in numbness, tingling, pain, changes in vision, difficulties with speech, or problems with balance.

Three ingredients to overcome paralysis is will, strength, and communication. Your will, your determination, your designed destiny, gives you hope. Strength is what enables us to go on. And, communication is key to make everything else work. Strength comes from outside our bodies. There is a Scripture that says, “The joy of the Lord is our strength.”

These three: will, strength, and communication are factors in the future of any sustainable, affordable, vibrant healthcare system for you, your family, and our nation. Vital are the will to move, the strength to move, and the communication that relays proper instruction to move. Will is the desire; strength is available; and communication and interpretation can always be improved. As the communication connections are fully functional, your will is aligned and your strength will grow.

Good nutrition is vital and a part of that nutrition is Smart Sugars that cause glycosylation of sugars on the surface of the cells of your body that provide proper communication that may just overcome paralysis so you can move forward. It has worked for others.

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Change Your Sugar, Change Your Life

Smart Sugars Lesson #87

© The Endowment for Medical Research, Inc.
Smart Sugars don’t feed alcohol like sucrose and can lower addiction

by JC Spencer

An unsolved mystery surrounds the reason alcohol causes cancer and takes years off of one’s life. The mystery may remain because scientists hesitate to address the dangers of the socially accepted drug, alcohol. Alcohol is placed in a social category of its own outside the drug pill box and therefore treated differently.

Breast cancer is the most common alcohol-related cancer among women. It is reported that alcohol contributes fifteen percent (15%) to all breast cancer deaths. Alcohol related cancer deaths in men is primarily of the mouth, larynx, pharynx, and esophagus.

To understand the mystery of the alcohol-cancer link may be more simple than previously thought. Alcohol is a solvent that accelerates the assimilation of tobacco chemicals and other toxins into the blood stream. Alcohol alters estrogen levels in women and causes hormonal malfunction in men. As the liver is damaged, life is shortened and diabetes becomes more problematic.

It is estimated that the average cost of human life in years eighteen (18). This means a person who dies at age sixty (60) from alcohol-related cancer would have otherwise probably lived to the age of seventy-eight (78).

The National Cancer Institute at the NIH reports that US cost of cancer care in 2010 was $157 billion and is expected to be $174 billion by 2020.

A recent study reported in February 2013, published in the American Journal of Public Health, is the first major analysis of alcohol-attributable cancer deaths in recent years. The study's authors acknowledged that moderate alcohol consumption can have health benefits but estimated that alcohol causes ten (10) times as many deaths as it prevents. There's no known safe level of drinking, they said.

Regular table sugar compounds the dangers by fermentation. The fermentation conversion of sugar is simply into carbon dioxide gas (CO2) and alcohol. Xylitol is beneficial for the teeth but Xylitol is itself a sugar alcohol. Other common sugar alcohols include mannitol, sorbitol, lactitol, isomalt, maltitol, and hydrogenated starch hydrolysates (HSH).

The molecular polyol structure of a sugar alcohol, as sorbitol for an example, is part sugar and part alcohol. The negative side effects of sugar alcohol may include bloating, diarrhea, and laxative effect. Polyol (polyalchol) contains three or more hydroxyl groups which make a polyhydric alcohol which is rapidly and nearly completely metabolized to carbon dioxide that results in undo cell stress by messing with the mitochondria and interfering with the RNA that results in cell death. Synthetic sorbitol is an artificial sweetener.

The sugar Trehalose does not feed alcohol like sucrose and other sugar alcohols do. Trehalose remains stable in high acid conditions and strengthens the cell membrane enabling the cell to withstand stress. Trehalose lowers sugar craving and studies show that other Smart Sugars can reduce addiction.


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Change Your Sugar, Change Your Life

Smart Sugars Lesson #86

© The Endowment for Medical Research, Inc.
by JC Spencer

Scientists have found that leukemia cells have altered cell surface carbohydrates. This is a remarkable discovery and may change how cancer it treated.

When glycoprotein receptor sites on the surface of human cells become deformed, they can kill you. It is from these little antenna all communication is made to support life. You have some 56 quintillion receptor sites (give or take a few trillion). Every single antenna is constructed from Smart Sugars.

When your body does not have enough Smart Sugars, it can manufacture them from glucose and other sugars present. However, the enzymatic gymnastics require so much time and energy that the job is not finished properly. When the job is not finished, the receptors are deformed and malfunction with corrupted signals.

Researchers at Griffith University's Institute for Glycomics in Australia and The Saban Research Institute of Children's Hospital Los Angeles have discovered that leukaemic cells have altered cell surface carbohydrates compared to normal cells. Altered cell surface carbohydrates is a critical weakness in leukaemic cells. This knowledge may pave the way for new cancer treatments.

Professor Mark von Itzstein is Director of Griffith University's Institute for Glycomics and the Australian team leader. He said the discovery is an important advance against leukemia, a cancer of malignant white blood cells that multiply uncontrollably.

Professors Nora Heisterkamp and John Groffen, leaders of the US-based team and Professor von Itzstein and their colleagues have published their research findings in the latest edition of the internationally acclaimed Journal of Experimental Medicine.

We know removal of healthy glycoproteins from the surface of healthy cells will kill healthy cell. So, the immediate response of the researchers is to remove the altered glycoproteins from the cancerous cells thereby killing the cell. Sounds good, but...

Could it be that the scientists are looking through the wrong end of the microscope? It seems more plausible to improve the immune system by making more healthy glycoprotein receptor sites instead of killing the unhealthy cells. That is the job of the immune system. You may be able to do that with additional Smart Sugars in the body which will cut down on the time and energy required for enzymatic gymnastics to produce healthy receptor sites.


Transforming Glycoscience - A Roadmap for the Future, by National Research Council of the National Academies.  Introduction pg 15 - Important Facts About Glycans, Health 1. “Elimination of any single major class of glycans from an organism results in death.”

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Change Your Sugar, Change Your Life

Smart Sugars Lesson #85

© The Endowment for Medical Research, Inc.
“Elimination of any single major class of glycans from an organism results in death.”

by JC Spencer

Smart Sugars hold the key to life in all humans and also for all plants and animals. Wow, where is the proof of that?

I recently read these profound words in the Introduction of a book, “Elimination of any single major class of glycans from an organism results in death.”

Glycans are sugar structures assembled one sugar at a time as building blocks to be linked and bonded usually to a protein.  Glycobiology is the biology of saccharides, sugar chains, and glycans.

The Introduction was from the book, Transforming Glycoscience - A Roadmap for the Future by the National Research Council of the National Academies.

The book was written and published in late 2012 by the Committee on Assessing the Importance and Impact of Glycomics and Glycosciences, the Board of Chemical Sciences and Technologies, Board of Life Sciences, Division on Earth and Life Studies.

The Committee and  Project were supported by The National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the National Science Foundation (NSF), the National Academy of Sciences, the National Research Council, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). The group was charged to "articulate a unified vision for the field on glycoscience and glycomics" and to "develop a roadmap with concrete research goals to significantly advance the field”.

Also in the Introduction of the book are other astounding statements under the heading, Important Facts About Glycans: Sub-heading: Health on page 15 (2): “Every disease that affects humans significantly involves glycans.

(3) “A great majority of host-pathogen interactions involve glycans, via recognition, degradation, or molecular mimicry.”

(4) “Most protein therapeutics must be glycosylated properly to be functionally effective.”

(5) “Altered glycosylation is a universal feature of cancer and contributes to pathogenesis and progression.”

Then #(6) explains where the pharmaceutical industry is headed: “Many vaccines are glycan based.”

In the months ahead, billions of dollars will be spend in developing glycan based drugs for many diseases. These glycoscience drugs will probably work better than past drugs and will probably be less toxic.

Eating Smart Sugars seems to be too easy and too simple of a solution to improve health. As an addendum to this lesson, re-read Lesson #76: Studies Show Smart Sugars More Beneficial Than Previously Thought, Plant saccharides metabolize to form glycoproteins in the human body.


Transforming Glycoscience - A Roadmap for the Future, by National Research Council of the National Academies.  Introduction pg 15 - Important Facts About Glycans, Health 1. “Elimination of any single major class of glycans from an organism results in death.”

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Change Your Sugar, Change Your Life

Smart Sugars Lesson #80

© The Endowment for Medical Research, Inc.
by JC Spencer

Most people hope to opt out of the rising diabetic statistics but don’t know how. The number of diabetics, at current rate will grow from an estimation of 1 in 14 to 1 in 3 in the next 30 or so years. Another report estimates that 1/3 in the US are already Type 2 diabetics with many who do not yet know it. So, the question is not IF but WHEN we become diabetic, unless we take control of our sugar problem.

How your body metabolizes glucose is the tipping point for diabetes and health in general. Once your sugar load tips toward diabetes, you counter or aid diabetes with each bite of food, knowingly or subconsciously.

Let us look at why glucose is not properly metabolized in the human body. The amount of glucose in your blood and your cells is constantly changing by your pancreas production of insulin and by poor communication with the cells. Your blood sugar and your entire health depend on the ability of your mitochondria to make the final process for metabolizing glucose to ATP.

Someday scientists may declare the mitochondria to be a tiny but highly sophisticated nuclear power plant. They may discover that it is stoked by negative hydrogen, protons, and sugar.  It is concluded that hundreds or even thousands of mitochondria live in some cells of your body. Each liver cell contains as many as 10,000 of these power generators. The average human body may contain 70 trillion cells. The number of mitochondria in the human body may be in the quadrillions or even quintillions.

The pathway for ATP optimization requires the proper amount of hydrogen and oxygen to burn the glucose fuel. A series of complex steps inside the cell just outside the mitochondria process glucose further so it can enter the mitochondria for conversion. Your mitochondrial power plants consume 95% plus or minus the oxygen you breathe plus the hydrogen and oxygen (H2O) from the water you drink. Hydrogen, oxygen, and certain bio-active trace metals are used with glucose to produce electrochemical protons used for final conversion of high energy ATP fuel packets.

Within minutes after food is consumed, glucose enters the bloodstream. Signal instructions are sent immediately to your pancreas to secrete a carefully calculated amount of the hormone called insulin. An improper amount of glucose or faulty communication signals, causes glucose accumulation in your blood-stream which can develop into Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. Both diabetic types have the same result of excess blood glucose although the causes may be very different.

Type I (about 10% of all diabetes) is because of lack of ample insulin. This results in an autoimmune condition caused by the pancreas’ inability to produce the needed insulin.

The pathway to Type 2 (about 90% of all diabetes) is caused by improper use of the insulin that is produced. This type of diabetes is more of a problem with communication. Cells do not respond properly or they completely reject the signals and do not absorb the glucose properly. This results in over production of insulin in the body’s attempt to force the glucose into the cells. Additional glucose is demanded which stresses the pancreas.

The initial WHY for today’s diabetes is the tsunami of poor food intake. Diabetic propensity can become genetic. Junk food lacks vital nutrients but is high in simple carbohydrates and toxins that quickly convert to glucose and poisons. Eatable food like substances are not effectively burned as energy and are stored as fat and poison which damage cells and organs.

Eating healthful meals for enough nutrition is nearly impossible. Supplementation is necessary! People perish for lack of good nutritional knowledge that can lower the risk of diabetes. Daily supplementation with the following technology has proven beneficial for better health: pure Omega-3, 100% first pressed cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, natural plant source vitamins, quality D3, increased alkaline food and drink for higher pH, switching out white flours for  GM-free grains may greatly enhance proper blood-sugar; and, of course, make sure that a number of Smart Sugars are part of your daily regimen.

Expand Your Mind - Improve Your Brain - Chapter 17  Your Energy Comes From Your Mitochondria
Change Your Sugar, Change Your Life

Smart Sugars Lesson #83

© The Endowment for Medical Research, Inc.
Today (3/19/2013) I attended the Memorial Service honoring Mark Williamson (5/23/1958 - 3/16/2013)

Mark was a dear friend. He was Founder and President of Foundation Restoration Ministries / Federal Intercessors. Federal Intercessors is a national network of intercessors who intercede in prayer for and prophesy over the nation and our civil governments. Mark was a corporate pilot, technical writer, and had broad experience in radio broadcasting.

He was the chaplain for counsel and personal prayer with a substantial number of Congressmen and Senators in our Nation’s Capitol. He traveled to Washington regularly to intercede and serve as Guest Chaplain of the U.S. House of Representatives. During session, you may have find him in the balcony praying over Congress. He was invited to the White House and attended President Bush’s veto of the embryonic stem cell bill.

Mark traveled nationally as a conference speaker including to twenty state Capitols where he declared truth and righteousness into state governments. He traveled internationally to India, Turkey, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay on prayer and spiritual warfare ministry

Bob Phillips, Senior Pastor of Encourager Church in Houston officiated and two words of his message still ring in my ears, “Too soon”. Yes, Mark died too soon. One warrior fell but many will take up the cause of proclaiming righteousness and truth over our nation.
Major Discovery Found in Receptor Sites CD81 And CD39

by JC Spencer

Recent university research programs provide us with new discoveries in glycoscience. Receptor sites have various functions in cell to cell communication.

Corrupted signals from CD81 receptors work with CD38 receptors (both on cell surface) to become the major culprits to spread tumors. CD81 and CD38 signals are not just instructing cancer cells to metastasize but, are actually training the cancer cells by suppling some cell body parts.

This is the first report that indicates cancer cell activity is somewhat like that of a virus when it requests another cell to provide its DNA to reproduce another virus. A recent study about this bad information appeared in the journal Cell. Why would “normal cells” cooperate to spread cancer?

When normal cells are truly healthy, the body has a good immune system that summons macrophages and killer T-cells to the battle front to take on the cancer cells head on. When normal cells are not healthy, their communication becomes corrupted. Healthy cells convey a clear message through a well modulated immune system to the macrophage for protection. That protection system summons help to kill the enemy, repair the damage, and carry out the trash. When the immune system is weak, it is unable to defend the cells. When the immune system is over-stimulated, an auto-immune system may prevail where the cells turn on themselves.

Scientist are learning that glycoprotein receptor sites (CD81 example) contain massive amounts of information, not just a few words, but a collection of instructions. The normal cells and the cancer cells engage in a dialogue. CD38 is involved in apoptosis (programming a cell to die instead of divide) and must serve as a co-receptor to induce signaling within the cell. CD38 is known to be associated with T-killer cells. The message should be, “Kill the cancer cell.” Instead, the instructions may be, “Kill the (blank) cell.” The corrupted message spreads faster than truth where the innocent are blamed and the “normal” are destroyed.

M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston studied CD81 and was able to decrease its expression. While this is remarkable science, we should do all we can to make the cells healthier and proliferate glycoprotein receptor sites which we have learned reduces inflamation and causes growth of new stem cells which are designed to repair damage. Healthy receptors make for healthy cells and healthy cells make for a healthy body.

Coming to mainstream medical diagnostics is the means of monitoring glycoprotein receptor sites on the surface of cells. Most FDA-approved cancer biomarkers are already glycoproteins.

Classical oncology research has sought ways to kill or stop cancer cells. Researchers believe that to inhibit CD81 signals may be the new pathway for cancer treatment. Now, with the new found CD81 knowledge, billions will be spent on research and development of new drugs in an effort to silence the CD81 receptors.

Turning off CD81 so it will not send bad signals, may also silence it from sending good signals. Why not  research how to instruct CD81 to send the correct signals instead of corrupted signals?

I think we know how to program the CD81 receptors to send the correct signals instead of corrupted signals. Somebody give us a grant to correct the CD81 signals and perhaps together we can change the world.

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Change Your Sugar, Change Your Life

Smart Sugars Lesson #82

© The Endowment for Medical Research, Inc.
CDC ranks cell phones with lead and chloroform.

by JC Spencer

Home phones are declining as cell phones populate the planet. In 1939 we did not have electricity but, I remember the hand cranked phone on the wall from my earliest days. There were 15 million phones in America when I was born.

Home phones grew in the US from 3,000 in 1877 to 10,000 by mid-1878, 800,000 by 1900 and by 1948 there were 30 million landline phones which increased to 100 million by 1971.

Today there are over 5.6 billion cell phones in the world, some 330 million in the US, 885 million in India, and 952 million in China. Africa has doubled cell phone subscriptions the last four years to 500 million. People are dropping their landline phones for more cells. A CDC study showed more than 30% of the households no long have landlines. They were replaced by cell phones. Several studies conclude that cell phones and cordless devices have about the same adverse effects on health as smart meters, lead, and chloroform.

With this massive usage of cell phones comes increased electron beam radiation. Many illnesses from electromagnetic hypersensitivity to certain cancers and disorders of the immune system have been traced to cell phone use. There is also evidence that the increase in the incidence of autism is due to RF radiation doing damage to the developing brains of unborn and young children.

RF is a type of non-ionizing radiation. This means that it can charge atoms by producing an electrical charge that passes through tissue but is not high enough to strip off electrons from an atom forming an ion but is high enough to move electrons to a higher energy state. The tissues in the human body absorb this energy. It may be the pulsating nature of the RF signal that caused the most damage as it interferes with DNA transcription and repair. When the brain cells are activated they increase the consumption of glucose which can produce a hormonal imbalance as more insulin is required.

A study in the UK indicated 50% of the people never turn off their cell phones. The World Health Organization (WHO) classified the EMF produced by cell phones as “possibly carcinogenic,” placing cell phones in the same category as chloroform and lead. WHO also found prolonged cell phone radiation exposure is linked to brain tumors such as glioma, a type of malignant tumor that forms in the brain or spine.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghart, M.D., Ph.D., of the Institute of Neurobiology in Seattle, published a study concluding that the incidence of autistic babies has increased 300% in the last ten years (1 in 150 in 2002 to an estimated 1 in 50 babies today). His pilot data suggests that RF radiation in the sleeping environment of mothers during pregnancy, as well as EMF in the sleeping environment of children, may be a contributing factor. More reports are indicating tumor development in areas close to cell phone usage.

Cell phone advice: Keep your cell phone away from your body most of the time. Charge it in another room preferably with it OFF. Use the speaker where possible instead of having it next to your head. Stay strong and modulate your immune system with good nutrition including Smart Sugars.

One sugar forms protective stress barriers like little Faraday cages around cell tissue. Scientist at the Université de Lausanne in Switzerland were surprised to learn that cells were protected from electron beam microscopy damage when those cells were coated with the sugar trehalose. More studies are required and it is my intent to conduct research in this area in the coming months.

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Change Your Sugar, Change Your Life

Smart Sugars Lesson #81

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